7 Running Tips for Maximum Weight Loss

Running is one of the best activities for weight loss. If done right, weight loss can be expedited by getting into a running routine. Not a marathon runner yet? Don’t sweat it, no one who is starting out can expect to reach high speeds and high mileage. Just grab a good pair of running shoes and hit the turf.

Running can be fun and is a great way to get outdoors. It is a refreshing way to enjoy the sun and can even be fun to do when it is raining. Nothing beats a good run when it comes to reducing stress and ultimately feeling good. Heard of the runner’s high? Reaching It is one of the most natural ways to stave off depression due to the release of endorphins into the bloodstream.

Running also helps you to sleep better at night, and better sleep improves all aspects of your life. Getting into this sport is a good idea if you are able, as running is hailed as one of the best workouts for your entire body since the arms pump, the core stabilizes, and the legs pound the pavement.

Here are 7 tips on running to achieve weight loss and success while running:

1. High Intensity Interval Training- One of the best running exercises is to utilize high intensity interval training for weight loss (HIIT). This method of running is one of the most fun because you run for a brief period (1-2 minutes) at a high intensity and then follow that up with 2-3 minutes of low intensity walking. This mixes up your running into smaller chunks and before you know it you have gone two miles.

  2. Hilly Running- Running in a hilly area is another running upgrade. Running uphill and downhill uses different muscles and works your body in different ways. Running in hilly areas also burns more calories due to the difference in the incline. It might sound difficult, but remember that taking a quick break every once in awhile while running is nothing to be ashamed of, instead it should be encouraged.

3. Proper Footwear- Make sure you have the proper footwear. Nothing cuts a run off faster than bad shoes. Make sure your running sneakers are up to snuff by either getting a new pair or if you are on a budget grab a pair online. It is important to have proper shoes because if you don’t you can get back pain, joint issues or even worse; suffer a sprained ankle or hurt your knees. Find a pair of sneakers that are comfortable, light, and have good insoles.

4. Headphones- Get a good pair of headphones to zone out and make the time go by quickly. Some might recommend not going with headphones due to safety, but as long as you are careful, headphones can help to make your runs that much more enjoyable. You can listen to music or try my personal favorite; listening to a good audio book on Amazon Audible.

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