NBA Free Agents: Rumors, Predictions

Carmelo Anthony want out?

Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony and team president Phil Jackson have been locked in a staring contest all season long.

The Zen Master has appeared to take shots at the 10-time All-Star through the media, making it clear that he doesn’t see Anthony as part of New York’s future.

There’s one problem, though: Melo has a no-trade clause.

One of only three players in basketball to wield such power (LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzki are the others), Anthony has taken the high road, as noted by USA Today‘s Steve Popper. At times, he’s even joked about Jackson and the Zen Master’s beloved triangle offense.

What’s the deal with the Orlando Magic’s dry-erase board?

On Monday, a whiteboard featuring apparent offseason plans for the Orlando Magic was mistakenly posted on Twitter. Patricio Garino’s agent posted an image of his client signing a contract in front of the blueprint.

The Magic front office, particularly general manager Rob Hennigan, downplayed the incident as meaningless, but its quick deletion from social media indicated that it at least had some merit.

Magic head coach Frank Vogel met with Gordon a day after the now-infamous picture grew Twitter legs, per Hennigan.

“Typically, with rumors and stuff like that, we don’t really address them,” Vogel said. “But this is a unique situation, and I talked to him a little bit this morning, and everybody’s good. We’re ready to move on.”


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