BREAKING: Russell Westbrook Refuses To Sign $220 Million Extension With Oklahoma Thunder

Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma Thunder plan to take over the NBA in the next couple of years if Thunder get another star to help Westbrook this summer. However, the latest NBA rumors suggest that Westbrook may be leaving the Thunder this season and there is no guarantee that he will sign an extension.

In an interview with CBS Sports Radio, Thunder’s Vice President Danny Barth revealed that Wesbrook has not committed to Oklahoma about signing a longer contract next season. He noted that both sides are still trying to figure out things in their partnership.

Russell Westbrook will be eligible to sign an extension with the Thunder this summer worth about $220 million over five years.

When asked about the possibility of signing a long-term deal during his exit interview on Wednesday, Westbrook said he hasn’t given it any thought.

Russell Westbrook  is planning on going through the free agent process anytime soon.

“Yeah, I love being in Oklahoma…But who knows what will happen next season. ” Westbrook said.

There is a chance that Russell Westbrook will leave the Thunder after playoffs blow-out if he wants to win a ring. However, Oklahoma will suffer if they don’t sign with Westbrook and they will probably be a lottery team next year.

Source: ESPN, Sportrageous

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