Kyle Busch Makes Controversial Statement To The Media About The Bristol Incident

Of course that’s not surprising after the former champion got shoved by a fan at Bristol Motor Speedway two weeks ago, but a lot of Kyle Busch haters are probably getting a chuckle out of Busch’s statement. With that being said however, this is a very serious matter and could mean changes for how NASCAR drivers interact with fans in the future.

“For me, yeah,” Busch said after practice at Darlington Speedway. “I’m the No. 1 guy that needs security from anybody else here. I’ll admit it.” [A fan incident] happened to Denny at Martinsville, it happened to me at Bristol,” Busch said. “How far are people going to go … to get their name in the news? It’s pathetic.”

Whether fans want to admit it or not, Busch is 100% correct about needing protection, especially since he continues to be one of the most controversial drivers in NASCAR, and the sport is now going to have to make a choice between fans and drivers. With that being said, its obvious that driver safety is going to win out in this case, as it should, but what will it mean for fans?

Does it mean that fans will have limited access to drivers? What will it mean for autograph sessions. Lastly, will the actions of the fan at Bristol create a copy cat scenario where fans try to jump Busch? NASCAR needs to address these questions and questions concerning other drivers safety, but again at what cost to fans?

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