Five Controversial Statements Danica Patrick Made About NASCAR This Week

Danica Patrick turned heads in the racing community when she announced that she was making the transition from Indycar to NASCAR in 2012 and while the former Stewart Haas Racing driver had some early success behind the wheel of a stock car, her performance consistently continued to fall off as the seasons went on.

After five full season in The NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series, Patrick announced her retirement from the sport at the end of the 2017 season, but also said that she would run two more races before she made the retirement official. The first race was The Daytona 500, which she struggled in before a wreck put her out of the race and the second was The Indianapolis 500.

Following a practice session at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in preparation for The Indianapolis 500, Danica Patrick answered questions for eager reporters and didn’t hold back on what she thought about her time in NASCAR. Not only did she compare the two different types of race cars that the two series have, she also revealed which one made her feel more at home.


5 Difference between Stock cars and indycars.

Danica Patrick has competed in both Indycar and NASCAR, but claims that NASCAR was the easier to drive. That’s a very interesting statement considering she was never able to get a win or even a top-five during her time in NASCAR, which should have been easy given the fact that she was with a top tiered team like Stewart Haas Racing.

In fact, Aric Almirola current stats of four top-ten’s in ten races pretty much proves that any problems with the #10 car were from the driver or the sponsorship side. Of course Aric Almirola has failed to win a race yet in 2018, but he has come a lot closer then Danica Patrick ever dreamed of!


4 On Indycar being more of an exercise.

Of course the media was going to ask the health and fitness guru about which sport was a better work out, but few were probably prepared for her statement that Indycar was the better of the two. Patrick claims that the reason for this is the fact that there is a lot more going on when trying to control an Indycar then a stock car.

Its not known which would be more of a work out from a scientific perspective, but it is worth noting that NASCAR drivers go through rigorous  workouts both inside and outside the car. NASCAR drivers also have been known to loose a great deal of body weight during a race due to the incredibly high temperatures reached inside the stock car.


3 Which sport is more dangerous

While there is absolutely no question that the speeds reached in an Indycar and relatively low protection for drivers makes it more dangerous,  Patrick went a step further during her analogy. In fact, Patrick seemed to allude to the fact that you could keep your seat belt loose in a stock car, which is hugely disrespectful to both NASCAR and the drivers that have gotten hurt in the sport.


2 Not being a big deal anymore.

This women really had the nerve to complain about not being a big deal during her time in NASCAR. She also claims that once The 2012 Daytona 500 was over, everyone kind of just stopped covering her time in the sport. Of course she fails to mention that she rarely did anything worthy of praise in the sport and was usually a distraction if nothing else.

Maybe that’s not the type of legacy that Patrick is happy about leaving behind in NASCAR, but with the way she would humiliate herself, its hard to have any positive memories of her time in NASCAR. in fact, most of her biggest moments were either times that she made someone mad, accidentally wrecked herself or the time she claimed she wasn’t there to sign autographs.


1 Indianapolis being home

More offensive then anything else had to be how she said that Indianapolis felt like home to her. Of course some are probably going to wonder what is wrong with a statement like that, especially since she cut her teeth in The Indycar series and has had reasonable success at Indianapolis, but it feels like a slap in the face when NASCAR offered her a home as well.

With that being said, NASCAR literally bent over backwards to try to make the sport her home, but she did absolutely nothing to make it worth their while. In fact, she even seemed to retire from the sport just for a publicity stunt to promote her upcoming books, diet plans and her finale, which would be a run in The 2018 Indianapolis 500.

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