Five Controversial Statements Drivers Made About Possible NASCAR Buyout

While an inside source familiar with the matter claimed that NASCAR teamed up with Goldman Sachs to shop around for a bu yer, its still not known whether it is a sign that the sport will be sold or not. NASCAR even sent a memo to employees to ensure them that they would not respond to, ” Industry rumors,” and that there was nothing to worry about.

With that being said and NASCAR’s downward turn over the last couple of years, one has to wonder if The France are actually considering selling the sport that had literally been in their family for generations. Furthermore, one has to wonder what the result of the sell would be and what changes the new owner made.

Interestingly enough, NASCAR Cup Series driver sounded off about the rumors that have been circulating around all week and they  were quite surprisingly to say the least. In fact the drivers that were talked to about the subject, seemed absolutely fine about the sport changing hands to someone outside of The France family.


5 Josh White: Camping World Truck Series Driver

Retired Marine Veteran and part time Camping World Truck Series driver offered a very interesting perspective of his own about the potential sale. Its interesting to note that White has sometimes struggled to secure sponsorship or a ride, which gives him a dog in the fight when it comes to the potential sale and changes to the sport of NASCAR.


4 Aric Almirola: Cup Series driver

Believe it or not, some drivers are just happy that they have a place to race. That seemed to be the overall mindset when he talked to reporters about the potential sale of the sport.  In fact, he didn’t mean to mind the sale at all, telling reporters that he was,” Just excited to race and that it was what he loved.

In all honesty, its hard to see a relatively younger aged star not be invested in the future of the sport at all. Of course Almirola is free to do what he wants to, but one would hope that he would be  more involved in the future of the sport and not be so passive about the potential of it being sold to someone else.


3 Martin Truex Jr: Cup Series driver

Another person who seems particularly passive about the sale is reigning Cup Series champion, Martin Truex Jr, who talked about it being an opportunity to try something that would benefit drivers, teams and fans. In fact, it seemed to be a hint that he was advocating for going back to the old points system, which would be hugely popular among long time fans.


2 Kevin Harvick: Cup Series driver

While it does feel uncomfortable to hear a longtime driver see opportunity for growth through the selling of NASCAR, Kevin Harvick seemed to have the best case for doing so. Not only did the former Cup Series champion and Daytona 500 seems excited about the potential sale, he also talked about it from a business standpoint as well.


1 Dale Jr: Retired Cup Series driver

Dale Jr didn’t release any kind of official statement on the potential sale of NASCAR, he did shoot down a question from a fan that asked him whether he would purchase it or not. Earnhardt responded to the question by claiming that he didn’t have the money to become the potential buyer, but he seemed bummed out about at the same time.

And while Jr did say he didn’t have the money to buy the sport, it would be interesting to see what kind of changes he would implement if he did. Not only could it be a chance to attract long time fans back to the sport, Jr would probably be instrumental in bringing the sport back to its pre playoff format and focusing on pure racing one again.

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