Five Things You Need To Know About Kyle Busch Going Off On A Fan At Bristol

Unfortunately for NASCAR, their drivers aren’t the only ones that have short tempers as a fan got so mad at Kyle Busch after Saturday Night’s race at Bristol that he shoved the former champion. After a few minutes of trying to ignore the fans heckling, Busch walked up to the fan to confront him, but was shoved in the process.

The confrontation was immediately broken up by a representative for Kyle Busch and a few members of local law enforcement. A official reason for the fans attack hasn’t been given, but it might have something to do with Busch accidentally taking out Martin Truex Jr earlier in the race, which angered a lot of fans.

With that being said, and the story continuing to unravel in interesting ways since Saturday’s race, here is everything fans need to know about the confrontation between Busch and the fan at Bristol. In the end, everyone is entitled to their opinions and its pretty obvious that a lot of people are going to side with the fan on this incident, but at least be open to Busch’s side of things!

4 Official statement

Bristol Motor Speedway released a statement on the incident between Busch and the fan, which claimed that Busch was signing autographs for fans when he was shoved in the chest by the fan. Busch then rose from the golf cart and got in the fans face. The statement then confirms that the officers and representatives broke up the altercation, but that no one was arrested.

“”Our security team has investigated a post-race incident where a guest repeatedly confronted Kyle Busch verbally and physically while he was signing autographs for fans,” the BMS statement said. “As Busch then prepared to leave in his golf cart, the individual struck the driver across the chest, and at that time, Busch confronted the individual. The two were separated quickly, and a uniformed officer pulled the individual to the side, allowing Busch to depart.”


3 Implications for future races.

Its no secret that the safety of fans and drivers should be the most important thing to NASCAR, which is why it will be interesting to see how the sport responds to this incident. In fact, according to a report from ESPN, part of the reason that a fan was able to get so close to Busch during the incident was due to the layout of the infield.

According to,”Bristol is one of the few tracks where drivers must walk through a tunnel to outside the grandstands, where they often get in golf karts to be driven to their motor homes. Fans who are also in the infield can use the tunnel at the same time as the drivers, and those fans with grandstand tickets often line the fence by the tunnel looking for autographs.”

With that being said, will NASCAR start to wait before releasing the fans or the drivers? Will they they beef up security to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again? Furthermore, will they make changes to the infield layout of Bristol and other tracks to keep things safer for drivers as they make their way to their motor homes.

According to a statement from Bristol Motor Speedway regarding the incident,” “Bristol Motor Speedway appreciates the fan accessibility provided by NASCAR drivers, and we will work to ensure that fans and drivers continue to have great experiences together at BMS,”

In the end, it will be interesting to see what NASCAR’s response is to all this.


2 NASCAR president endorses Kyle Busch

Believe it or not, Kyle Busch is actually being applauded by NASCAR officials after what happened night between him and a fan. In fact, NASCAR president, Brent Dewar, took to twitter to tell Busch,” Keep being yourself and wheeling it like you can!. Interestingly enough the tweet was in response to one made by a fan that claimed Busch lacked character.

With that being said, it really seems from the statement that NASCAR has no problem with Busch’s conduct during the incident, which pretty much means he won’t face any consequences. Not that he should or anything, but one had to wonder how NASCAR would react to Busch getting in a fans face, even if he was pushed first!


1 Busch firing back.

Kyle Busch was repeatedly dogged on twitter after Saturday night’s race at Bristol Motor Speedway and while fans seemed to throw their best material at the former champion, he fired it right back. In fact, he even took to twitter to address the haters and claim that he enjoys the back and forth with everyone.

in one response, Busch tweeted that a fan must be new after they claimed that Busch was the most arrogant driver he had ever seen in his life. Another fan claimed that Busch forgot to mention that he wrecked Martin Truex Jr in the closing laps of the race, which Busch responded by wondering what fans hear when they see his mouth moving.

By far the best one though was when a fan tried to argue that Busch had too many men over the wall during a pit stop and that he should have been penalized for the incident. Busch tweeted the fan back by saying that the sixth person was legal and that fans must really be eager to find anything wrong with what the #18 team does.

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