Five NASCAR News Stories Fans Need To Know about!

NASCAR competition officials announced rule changes for The Xfinity Series and The Camping World Truck series this week, which includes shortening The Xfinity Series field to 38 cars and a new owners championship points system. Officials also announced the return of The Dash For Cash program  and gave a timeline for when final rule changes would be made final for the series.

“I think the main reason we’re making these changes is for a stronger field with greater competition,” said John Bobo, NASCAR vice president of racing operations. “We want to provide the best racing in the world for our fans and we have to monitor and make changes when needed. I think one of the great things that we did in looking at these changes is we worked really collaboratively with the teams, the drivers and the tracks to really just provide the strongest race product from all sides of the garage.”

Going back to the new owners championship points system, NASCAR is only allowing drivers that compete in their respective series to compete for an owners title. That means teams can’t use veteran drivers from other series to help them win an owners championship, which forces teams to use younger drivers instead.

The Dash for cash will return next season at the same four tracks as before and Cup Series competitors will again be banned from competing in the events. Interestingly enough, NASCAR still hasn’t made a decision on continuing to limit Cup drivers competing in lower tiered series, which is something they have done the last two seasons by only allowing them to run a certain number of races.


4 Did Brian France Jr flip on Trump?

Brian France Jr has already made headlines last month for driving while intoxicated and in possession of Oxycodone. in Sag Harbor New York.  France Jr spent the night in jail before being released the next day on Bond. He later announced that he would be taking a leave of absence from NASCAR due to the scandal and his Uncle, Jim France was named as an interim until another is found.

Unfortunately  for France Jr, it has now been discovered that he and his wife, Amy, have donated 50,000 dollars to The Michael Cohen truth fund, which is described as a fundraiser campaign to raise enough money so Cohen can,” tell the truth about his deals with Donald Trump

The move comes as a surprise given Brian France Jr’s endorsement of Donald Trump’s in the 2016 presidential election and  Interestingly enough, The France family’s donation comes only days after Michael Cohen agreed to cooperate with police regarding his dealings with Trump, which some believe could spell the end of presidency.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that The France family decided to make the donation private once it was discovered and now the donation on the page just comes up as an anonymous donor instead.


3 New Sponsorship model.

According to an article from NASCAR will be moving to a multi tiered sponsorship system in 2020, which will move from one blanket sponsorship over the entire series to a multiple official partners. The move is said to be a way for NASCAR to minimize loss when a sponsor walks away and allows reportedly will allow smaller companies to advertise with NASCAR as well.

The news come as the sport has announce that Monster Energy won’t be sponsorship The Cups Series past the 2019 season, which has left many wondering what the sport would do next. What made the sponsorship fall out even more disturbing was the fact that it was the second time in a five year period that NASCAR has been forced to find a new title sponsor.

According to The Article,”In the new model, NASCAR could see possibly five partners spending $5-$7 million annually for similar value, which makes for a more attractive proposition for companies with smaller marketing budgets. Should a partner decide not to renew, the NASCAR sales team would replace a smaller amount of revenue – as opposed to having to replace a much larger revenue source in a short amount of time.”


2 Conner Daly loses sponsorship.

Believe it or not, Conner Daly, who is an Xfinity Series driver looking to make a name for themselves in NASCAR, has now lost sponsor, Lily Diabetes over comments his dad made during a radio show interview in the 1980’s. The interview included a racial slur used by Daly’s father during a live interview in Indianapolis.

Lily Diabetes announced in a statement that”“Our sponsorship in Saturday’s race is intended to raise awareness of treatment options and resources for people living with diabetes. Unfortunately, the comments that surfaced this week by Derek Daly distract from this focus, so we have made the decision that Lilly Diabetes will no longer run the No. 6 at Road America this weekend.

The move comes only months after Daly being fired by AJ Foyt Enterprises earlier in the year. He was also eliminated from the reality show, The Amazing Race, which he competed on with fellow driver, Alexander Rossi. This weekend’s  at Road America Speedway in Wisconsin is supposed to be his Daly’s first NASCAR race, but one has to wonder if their isn’t a dark cloud handing over his debut now.


1 Martin Truex Jr’s future at FRR revealed?

Where will Martin Truex Jr go in 2019?

While the answer to that question looked to be difficult to answer over the past few weeks, especially with news of Toyota not renewing their partnership with FRR yet and loss of their longtime sponsor, Five hour energy, things now look to be back on track now that a report claims that Truex Jr will ultimately resign with the team that won him a championship.

According to multiple sources that talked with  about Truex Jr’s future in the #78 Toyota ,”Furniture Row Racing is increasingly confident that it will be able to renew its deals with driver Martin Truex Jr. and engine manufacturer Toyota for the 2019 NASCAR Cup Series season.

Furthermore, the report posted on Sportsbussinessdaily also claims that” Furniture Row Racing “has been actively pitching sponsors on joining or stepping up with the team next year.” Team owner Barney Visser had has made it clear that he doesn’t want to dip into his own money to sponsor the team anymore.”

With that being said, its will be interesting to see if Furniture Row racing can find a sponsor for Martin Truex Jr before the 2019 and what Truex Jr’s long term plan will be with the team going forward. Of course Truex Jr and Barney visser have said in multiple interviews that they want to stay committed to each other, that might be hard to do if Truex Jr doesn’t bring the sponsors in.

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