Five Controversial Rule Changes NASCAR Must Consider During The Off season

NASCAR isn’t a dying sport, at least not yet, but it is definitely a sport in transition for a number of reasons. Not only is that evident by the amount of star power that has left NASCAR over the course of the last couple of years, but also by the amount of sponsorship dollars that are leaving the sport in droves.

In fact, NASCAR is set to lose its title sponsor, Monster Energy in 2019 and while the news has many on edge, officials were smart enough to announce a switch to a multi tired title sponsor system that allows the sport to have different sponsors throughout the year. That way, if a sponsor drops out, NASCAR can easily find another one to  fill its place.

With that being said, this is a great example of NASCAR growing with the times and making the needed changes in order to survive. In the end however, it is also only one change of many to come if the sport has any hope of survival. In fact, NASCAR will probably need to implement the following five rule changes in order to save the sport.


5 adding restrictor plates packages

There was a lot of excitement around The All Star race format NASCAR implemented this season and while some seem skeptical of the change, it could go a long way in creating that anything can happen atmosphere during a race. Not only that, it could also create the kind of racing that fans need in order to stay interested.

Of course there is always going to be the argument of the faster car being the one that should win, but bunching up the field does have its distinct advantages. One of the biggest advantages however is how it will allow smaller teams to better compete with their powerhouse counterparts, which is crucial in balancing out the scales of competition.


4 More short tracks

There’s nothing quite like a Saturday night short track race and while the track type is known to bring out boiling tempers, it also brings out some of the best racing the sport has ever seen as well. Unfortunately for NASCAR fans, who love this type of racing, there are only six such races throughout the entire Cup Series season, which creates long periods of no short track racing.

With that being said, NASCAR needs to start adding more short tracks to the schedule. Furthermore, they need to start holding Cup Series races at tracks like Iowa Speedway and Gateway Speedway. They could also go back to tracks like Nashville and Mansfield speedway, which would be cool first time races for The Cup Series.


3 Shorter season

Believe it or not, NASCAR  would greatly benefit from a shorter season and it could even bring fans back to the sport in the process. For example, NASCAR could do a 26 race season, which would consist of 16 regular season races and ten playoff races. Not only would doing this cut down on a a lot of operation costs for teams, tracks and fans, it also creates a better racing product.

Think about it. NASCAR’s best drivers would now only have 16 races to lock themselves into the playoffs! While some might argue that isn’t enough races to determine a playoff field and that the big three would just dominate the regular season, one has to consider that it also puts a bigger spotlight on who actually manages to squeak their way in.

Beyond that, cutting ten races from the schedule allows NASCAR to end its season before it is forced to compete with The NFL for viewers attention. In the end, the biggest reason a shorter season is a great idea for NASCAR is that it creates more of this do or die nature that has made NASCAR more fun to watch lately. Its do or die and its going to create some fun moments!


2 More road course races.

If nothing else, The new roval playoff race proved that road course racing could be fun again and that it belonged as a stepping stone in the  ten race playoff schedule. Interestingly enough however, it opens up the possibility of NASCAR doing this with other tracks to create a new experience for race fans.

Some NASCAR fans have even been floating the idea of tracks that get more than one Cup series race a year doing one of them one a roval course. Not only would that create  more intense and action packed racing at tracks like Michigan, Pocono, Talladega, Daytona and California, it also fits in very well within a shorter season.


1 Shorter segments

Be honest. You’re a little bit surprised that this would be the number one thing that will save NASCAR, right? While it may seem a little ridiculous, especially since there are a lot of fans that hate the idea of segment racing, maybe they wouldn’t hate it as much if the segments actually did what they were supposed to do.

With that being said, if NASCAR were to implement shorter segments or even more segments with shorter length’s, they might be able to make things more exciting. Of course that doesn’t mean every race is going to be a photo finish to the line, but shorter segments at least opens the possibility of it being a bit closer or a more consistent basis.

Going back to the idea of more segments, this allows NASCAR to make things more exciting and also hand out more playoff points during each race. At least that would keep things interesting and might even give smaller teams a chance to shine in the spotlight if they can somehow come out on top at the end of a stage.

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