Five Things NASCAR Must Do To Make Racing More Competitive

Its competition that NASCAR fans want and while officials have unveiled a new rules package, one has to wonder if the sport is going in the right direction when trying to solve this problem. In fact, why isn’t NASCAR taking swings at things like their formats, their point systems and their playoffs? At least that would help create a NASCAR that everyone can enjoy!

In the end, if NASCAR wants to improve their on track product a crucial part of that is working on the formats as well. While some will argue that this is only going to make things worse and force more fans to leave the sport, that might not exactly be the case if NASCAR works within what they already have and make subtle improvements.


5 Tweak the segment lengths

While NASCAR took a huge step forward when they finally announced segment racing would be implemented into the sports top three series, the change still needs some tweaking. In fact, NASCAR really needs to look at shortening the length of each stage, which will create less of an opportunity for a leader to get a way from the field and allows for multiple restarts.

Beyond that, it would allow for NASCAR to tweak the final segment of the race and make it a 20 lap shootout for the win. Not only only will that give every driver one more restart to try to go after the win, it also creates an interesting situation for fans and makes the end of the race just that much more lucrative to watch.


4 Shorten races

Whether NASCAR fans want to admit the cold, hard truth or not is up to them, but its starting to become obvious that the sport needs to cut costs. While that might sound like a bad thing, especially since it means less racing action throughout the weekend, it also creates more of an incentive to be aggressive in the shortened race.

NASCAR will only be able to cut operating costs, broadcast casts and anything else by shortening certain races, which  will be great from a monetary standpoint. In the end, its probably not the ideal solution from a NASCAR fans perspective, but it could do a lot to make things more exciting and competitive every Sunday.


3 Round eliminations

Is it a cheap gimmick? Sure, but so is are so many of the other gimmicks NASCAR has employed over the last couple of years. With that in mind however, it would also be a great way to intensify the on track product, make things more interesting for fans and even create grave implications for drivers championship pictures.

Again, its probably a cheap gimmick and is going to make some fans angry, but not if its done in the right way. For example, NASCAR doesn’t exactly have to eliminate drivers from the first stage on, they could save the eliminations for the later rounds of the race and thus widdle the field down to a competitive few with a chance to win it all.


2 bigger playoff field

Sometimes bigger is just better and that might just be the kind of thinking that NASCAR needs to embrace when it comes to their championship format. Of course some fans are probably going to see this and think that doing so will over saturate the market with unworthy contenders, it also opens up more spots for smaller teams to have that Cinderella type run.

Maybe it will over saturate the market a bit, but the drivers in the back are going to start working extra hard to get into the playoffs. For example, NASCAR could expand the playoff field to 20 or 24 and then have one of the rounds be a double elimination. At least that would make things more interesting and thus more competitive for the drivers as well.


1 More short tracks

Let’s be honest here.

Nothing is more competitive then a good old short track race and that is exactly the kind of mindset NASCAR needs to go into the future with. Some NASCAR drivers  have even said they enjoy short track racing the most and would love it if officials considered bringing more short tracks onto the schedule.

WIth that being said, NASCAR  could give Cup Series dates to Mansfied, Gateway Speedway and Iowa speedway to make freshen up the short track scene a bit. NASCAR could also switch some short track dates around, which could allow NASCAR to take The Martinsville race out of the playoffs and change to Bristol instead.

In the end, there are a lot of short tracks NASCAR can go to if they want to fill this role and doing so would probably help them bring back a lot of older fans. Beyond that however, it will also create more impassioned racing between drivers and also create a more interesting on track product for fans.

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