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Aaron Judge causes damage to Yankee Stadium with his latest monster home run

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When the next generation of baseball fans looks back at the 2017 season, they’re going to think New York Yankees rookie Aaron Judge was some sort of larger-than-life, Paul Bunyan-esque tall tale.

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The star outfielder has burst onto the scene this year and seemingly launches a baseball or two into orbit every single game.

However, to ring in Independence Day on Tuesday, Judge may have outdone himself with a fourth-inning home run against the Toronto Blue Jays.

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At first glance, as you can see in the video below, it doesn’t seem like this particular homer was any more or any less impressive than his others. It comes off the bat and there was never any doubt it was going to leave the park, but he does things like this all the time:



However, upon closer look, Judge’s blast actually damages one of the metallic doors at Yankee Stadium, leaving a nice dent in the gate:


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