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BREAKING: Seattle Seahawks May Be Kicked Out Of NFL For What They Did In Locker Room

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If you thought “taking a knee” or simply staying in the locker room is bad, you should see what the Seattle Seahawks did.

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Defensive end Michael Bennett was captured on camera burning an American flag while they stayed in the locker room during the National Anthem on Sunday. The whole team is standing around him and cheering him on.


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Bennett’s actions, of course, violate U.S. flag code and are perhaps the most disgusting thing to come of the stunt NFL players are currently pulling as they protest police officers defending themselves against violent thugs and Donald Trump.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that the team went too far in this latest stunt. Via Fox News:

Goodell says that there is “no place in the league for this kind of behavior,” noting that a vote will be held to remove the Seahawks from the league entirely.

“This senseless attack on our country, her flag, and everything they stand for has gone way too far,” he told Fox Sports. “Donald Trump is right. We will not tolerate it.”

Goodell can not simply remove the Seahawks from the NFL roster. It requires a majority vote from team owners and shareholders. The vote is scheduled for next Wednesday.

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