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Buffalo Bills fan KO’s himself during tailgate before Dolphins game

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Buffalo Bills fans have gotten themselves a reputation in recent years for the craziest set of fans in the entire National Football League.

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If you were to ever attend a Bills tailgate out in the New Era Field parking lots, you are bound to see all sorts of weird and wonderful things; from ridiculously brightly colored pants, to bare-chested fans rolling in the snow, and many, many tables being broken in a manner that looks like Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley had been present.

Sometimes these table-breaking antics get taken to very, very, very stupid extremes. One of which happened today and did not end well.

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There is a reason why wrestling stars go through years and years of training before they reach the very top. It’s because things can go wrong – and when they go wrong, they go badly wrong.


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