Christopher Bell’s 2020 Cup Series Ride Revealed?

While he still hunting for that elusive first Xfifty series championship, he is also fielding questions about what he will be doing when the 2019 season Unfortunately for fans that are dying to know whats next for the 9 time Xfinity Series winner and last year’s runner up, he wasn’t able to offer very many answers.

What he did mention however is the fact that he believes his path to the Monster Energy Cup Series doesn’t include a ride at Joe Gibbs Racing. In fact, Bell claimed that the great performance displayed by all four JGR cars this season would make it very difficult for him to get a ride there.

“I never really pictured Erik being my hole, and if you look at the Gibbs camp right now, I can’t really picture anyone being my hole because all four of their cars are running exceptional right now,” Bell said. “I mean, if you watch any of the races, all four of them are right in the top five. So, I don’t know. I don’t know where I’m going to land, and I’m just enjoying the ride right now.”

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but will be highly dependent upon whether Erik Jones ends up signing a contract extension with JGR or not. If he is successful in signing with Gibbs, maybe fans can expect Bell to become the second team at Leavine Family racing.

That would make sense, especially with LFR being a satellite team for JGR, and would open the door for Bell to join Coach Gibbs group at a later time. It would also give LFR a promising young star to mold in the meantime, which could lead them to even better performances in the future.

In the end, there are other options for Bell to consider throughout the year, including maybe a spot at Hendrick Motorsports, Chip Gannasi Racing or even Stewart Haas Racing, but his current partnership with JGR seems to point to him going to LFR

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