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Cocky Cubs Star FLIPS OFF Trump In Oval Office – Quickly Learns He Made A BIG MISTAKE

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A Chicago Cubs outfielder disrespected Donald Trump in a truly vile way on Wednesday during an Oval Office meet-and-greet with the World Series champions. Unfortunately for him, however, he quickly learned there are big consequences to making such a disgusting move towards the president of the United States inside the Oval Office.

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Daily Mail reported that Albert Almora, Jr, the Cubs center fielder, blatantly extended his middle finger while standing just feet away from Trump as he sat at his desk. Almora’s hands were in his pocket, but his left middle finger was clearly and purposely extended.

This was in stark contrast to how Almora behaved when visiting Barack Obama’s White House back in January. When visiting Obama, Almora displayed a positive and dressed in appropriate business attire for the event, rather than the casual clothing he wore to meet Trump.

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Twitter users immediately let Almora know that disrespecting the president of the United States in the Oval Office is an act of aggression that cannot be tolerated:



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