Cubs Reliever Pedro Strop Expected to Miss Time With Hamstring Injury

Not the news ​Chicago Cubs fans wanted to hear. On  pitcher Pedro Strop appeared to hurt his left hamstring in tonight’s 4-3 extra-inning win over the Washington Nationals as he ran out a double play he grounded himself into. He was forced to leave the game.

As the ​Cubs get closer to the post-season, it appears as if their bullpen may be in a lot of trouble and this injury would make it much, much worse. He’s expected to miss a notable amount of time.

Fellow reliever Brandon Morrow is currently easing back from a bone bruise in his pitching arm and hasn’t played since July. A long-term injury to Strop would make the depth at reliever seriously thin, particularly given that Carl Edwards Jr. has been anything but special of late.

The real question is why Joe​ Maddon let Strop bat for himself in the first place. Not pinch hitting there seems ludicrous. The bases were loaded and there was only one out; this was a situation that could have been completely avoided — the injury and the double play — by smarter management.

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