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Why Dante Scarnecchia does sit-ups during New England Patriots team meetings

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NFL players sometimes get in trouble for falling asleep during team meetings.

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Legendary Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia does the opposite.

When Bill Belichick isn’t looking, Scarnecchia frequently slinks to the ground and bangs out a set of sit-ups.

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“I was doing them yesterday afternoon,” Scarnecchia said on Thursday afternoon. “Look, you sit there. You’re watching defense. I don’t care. Or special teams. What am I supposed to do? Get down on the ground and do some crunches…Why would I just sit there?”

Scarnecchia, who at 69 years old is coaching in his 34th NFL season, noted that he has to be “careful” when deciding to grab a mid-meeting workout.

“I’ve got to choose my spots,” Scarnecchia said. “I’ve got to make sure (Belichick) is way into it so I can sneak down on the floor. He ain’t going to know where I am in that meeting room, anyway. When you’re old like that, you can do that stuff.”

The Patriots coaches generally keep in great shape, but Scarnecchia is the most hardcore of the group, according to defensive line coach Brendan Daly.

“I would say he’s the most dedicated in terms of never missing workouts,” Daly said. “He’s going to find a workout in the day.”

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