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DeAngelo Williams avoids SERIOUS injury during wrestling event

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Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams has yet to find major interest in NFL free agency—but he might have a future in pro wrestling.

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Well, if he can clean up his dives from the top rope.

Williams showed up at a wrestling event over the weekend and took quite the spill while trying to slam someone through a table from the top rope:

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For those out of the loop, Williams was supposed to land on his opponent, driving them both through the shattered table. He’d then go for the pin.

Instead, well, the above—Williams missed the jump and lands on his forehead, where he was lucky to avoid a neck injury of some sort.

Alas, chalk this one up as ammo for the wrestling-isn’t-fake crowd. And clearly it’s not. Williams had been training for the event, but as the above tweet notes, these guys are pros who put years and years into making sure risky moves like this go off without someone getting hurt.

Williams has opened up an interesting door in the wrestling world for former NFL players. Now he just needs to polish up the high-flying maneuvers.

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