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Dwyane Wade roasts LeBron James for being ‘cheap’

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The Chicago Bulls’ newest superstar Dwyane Wade joined Live With Kelly Thursday morning to discuss his decision to leave Miami and reveal that he lost 10 pounds by sweating his career move over the last week. During a backstage chat with Kelly Ripa, Wade also opened up on his vacation with close friends Chris Paul and LeBron James. Ripa asked a great question about his friends (“Who is the cheapest one?”), and Wade has a hilarious (and instant) answer.

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“Wade: Oh, LeBron. 

Kelly: Is he a bad tipper?

 Wade: No, he’s an exact tipper … But he doesn’t use his cell phone off the boat if there’s no Wi-Fi.

Gabrielle Union: If there’s no Wi-Fi, he does not mess with data roaming.

Wade: This is no joke. [imitating LeBron] ‘I’m gonna send this text before I leave the boat because there ain’t gonna be no Wi-Fi, probably.’ It’s amazing. And I’m like, ‘we just rented a yacht. You flew private here.’ 

Union: But no data roaming. That’s where he draws the line.”

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