Everything NFL Fans Need To Know About The Kansas City Chiefs Releasing Kareem Hunt

Kansas City Chiefs Running Back, Kareem Hunt, was let go today after video surfaced of the 23-year-old having a physical altercation with a woman at a Cleveland hotel. The video showed Hunt shoving a woman, shoving a man into the same woman and even kicking her in the leg when she was knocked to the floor 

Hunt was sent home early from practice after the video of the altercation surfaced and was eventually fired later on in the evening. The Chiefs released a statement on Hunt, claiming that he wasn’t truthful with the team during discussions about the incident and that the organization was made aware of the incident earlier in the year. 

While The Kansas City Chiefs doing the right thing and releasing Kareem Hunt is commendable, it seems like they only did so after immense public pressure. In fact,  The Chief’s statement about Hunt’s release seems to show that the team would have been ok with the incident had Hunt been truthful about the situation. Not only is that disgusting considering the fact that Hunt was shown on video showing and kicking a woman, but also by the fact that The NFL still doesn’t know how to cover issues of domestic violence

Conflicting reports

According to a police report obtained by NFL.com regarding the incident,” witnesses gave conflicting reports to officers about what led to the altercation. Hunt said he found two women with a man he knew when he returned to his room at The Metropolitan in Cleveland early on the morning of Feb. 10. He said he told the women to leave after learning they were 19 years old. One of the women said she was told to leave after she refused to be with one of the men in the room with Hunt.” 

Another part of the police report claims that one of the women involved yelled in the hallway and banged on the door of the room after being escorted out. One of the men with Hunt told police that the woman called Hunt names and used racial slurs before Hunt confronted her.”

The NFL’s response

Another interesting thing about this story is that neither The NFL or The Chiefs organization were able to view the tape before its release on Friday. The reason for this is said to be that the Hotel’s company policy was to only turn over the video to Law enforcement in these kinds of cases, which left The NFL unsuccessful in their bid to get their hands on the video beforehand.
With that being said, the announcement of Hunt’s release is not only sparking conversations about domestic violence, the entitlement of some sports stars and The NFL’s lack of action in these kinds of cases, some are also wondering what will happen to The Kansas City Chiefs without their star running back! 

Where this leaves The Chiefs

Unfortunately for The Chiefs, they now must rely on back up, Spencer Ware, who has only had 22 carries, 124 yards and one touchdown this year. Compare that to Hunt’s 181 attempts, 824 yards and seven touchdowns and you start to see a huge drop in The Chiefs offensive production come Sunday 

Of course, the rest of their season will start off easy enough with a game against The Raiders, but the team then has to deal with The Ravens the very next week and then The Chargers a few days later for Thursday night Football. If nothing else, that’s a lot for Rookie Quarterback Patrick Mahones in such a short amount of time and is only going to be worse without Hunt. 

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