F1 Ferrari – “we have two world champion drivers“

Ferrari have revealed that they are more than happy with their drivers despite rumours of a potentiallylosing Kimi....

Arrivabene has commented his perspective of the drivers and has reiterated the original statement, that they have been more than happy with their drivers and will continue with them thus fourth.

“Sebastian wanted to come to Ferrari – it was his aspiration as it is for many other drivers. He is focused on his work and I think he wants to stay here for a long time”

“Kimi is giving his contribution to the constructors’ championship, and in the first part of the 2016 season, he has done well. When the car is there for him, I do not think that he is inferior to anybody”

However, they didn’t dismiss the possibility that changes may be made and that they will wait for the end of the season before they make any solid claims…

“But it is too early to give definitive answers for next year – we still have two-thirds of the season ahead of us.”

Commenting on the overall demeanour of the drivers, it appears Arrivabene was trying to give the impression that they were much more than meets the eye, possibly hinting at a move to another section of racing “eyes that go beyond the paddock.”


“It’s a compromise. I have a very direct and honest relationship with them, and vice versa,” 

“We face each other very clearly and very bluntly. There is never a need to impose anything, we simply get on with what needs to be done. The characters are different”

“Kimi is more introverted, but in the past year and a half he has begun to talk more, and is very accurate when he provides guidance. Sebastian is open, is meticulous, and is a detail freak”

“Both are great professionals, and you can see that when things are not going well. In certain situations, you could become demoralised, but we look at what happens and move on. If you find yourself at dinner, they are nice guys, smart guys, and who have to deal with many issues”

“They read a lot and have eyes that go beyond the paddock.“

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