Fans guess the meaning behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s new celebration

Cristiano Ronaldo found the perfect way to silence the critics on Saturday evening.

He didn’t post a message on social media, or say anything to the press. He simply scored a hat-trick in one of Real Madrid’s biggest games of the season.

That quickly forced the internet warriors back into hiding.

It was the 39th time that Ronaldo has scored a hat-trick for Los Blancos, and the 44th hat-trick of his career.

It also extinguished any hope that Lionel Messi had of beating his Portuguese rival to the 2016 Ballon d’Or. Probably.


Not only did the 31-year-old show off his ability to score various types of goals – he scored a free-kick (albeit a deflected one), a penalty and a tap-in – but he also unveiled a brand new celebration.

He performed the trademark leap and spin after his first goal, but it was later replaced by a cool pose into the camera. Check it out below.

Twitter has been guessing just what exactly Ronaldo’s new celebration means. There seems to be four general viewpoints.




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