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Fernando Alonso wants to find out the truth about Renault power

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It’s undeniable to say that the last couple of seasons have been extremely turbulent for one of the sport’s most established and historically successful teams; McLaren.

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Normally used to being on the podium, rather than scrapping it out with the mid-level teams, issues in the McLaren garage have had a monumental affect on the team’s on-track performance, and have rightly raised many key questions about their future direction.

The two biggest questions revolved around the team’s engine supplier, and its lead driver Fernando Alonso.

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Speaking on this, he said: “Next year will be a good test. The same engine as Red Bull will be the truth to see whether the chassis is good or not.

“For the last three years we have been the only team with the Honda engine so it’s been hard to compare. But the engineers do simulations on everything and we believe we have a good car.”

It is perhaps this belief from the former world champion that has kept him with the team as long as he has.

Alonso is widely recognised as one of the best drivers on the grid, with a lack of power from the Honda engines always meaning that even he would struggle to compete with the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes at the top of the podium.

With this change, however, McLaren have brought in an engine supplier with a proven history of success.

They dominated the Formula 1 world championship with Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull, until an engine revamp in 2014 brought the other teams back into contention.

It’s still too early to say, but a return to form of such a well respected team would be a great boost for Formula 1 next year, along with a re-energised Fernando Alonso.

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