Five NASCAR Drivers That Won’t Last Much Longer In The Cup Series And Five That Will

Its no secret that not everyone is cut out to compete in The NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series and while some of a lot of the drivers go on to have very successful careers, there are other drivers that aren’t so lucky. In all honesty, there are a lot of different factors that go into this, including talent, sponsorship, team, and manufacturer, which complicates things further.

With that being said and basing the following picks on the things listed above, here are five drivers that won’t last much longer in The Cup Series and five that will. As always, leave us your comments down below, but try not to be too negative and also try to see other perspectives before launching into a comment.

Please keep in mind that the goal of this is to have a discussion about the sport that we all know and love. In the end, hopefully this achieves that goal and everyone has fun doing it. WIth that in mind, the goal is not to piss people off and send them into an uproar. Also, this isn’t a hit piece to shame anyone’s career, it is an honest look into what could happen.


 Daniel Saurez

While Daniel Suarez once looked like a driver that could take The Cup Series by storm, especially after winning a Xfinity Series title in 2016, he is slowly becoming the odd man out at JGR and might even be replaced a t the end of the season. In fact, its being rumored that Martin Truex Jr will be taking over Suarez’s ride, which ends his partnership with JGR after only two years.

Of course there are also rumors that Stewart Haas Racing and Richard Childress Racing  wanting him, but how long is he going to last if he can’t even win in JGR equipment when they basically won two of the last four championships. In the end, if Suarez is this expendable to JGR this early in his career, its not a good sign of things to come in the future.


Kurt Busch

Let’s be honest here.

Kurt Busch is a running  on borrowed time and will be exiting from full time competition in The NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series in the next couple of years. Furthermore, it seems like his career might not end at Stewart Haas Racing as he is rumored to take over for Jamie McMurray at Chip Gannasi Racing next season.

While that move will at least afford Busch some career longevity, it probably won’t be be a long term deal and CGR will eventually replace him. In the end however, Kurt Busch has accomplished a lot throughout his career in NASCAR and while his career might be coming to an end, he still has a lot to be proud of.


Denny Hamlin.

If Daniel Suarez’s career is over after only two sub par season’s, than Denny Hamlin must be next in line to get the boot from Joe Gibbs. In fact, between not winning in 2018 and being knocked out of the playoffs after only the first round, Hamlin might want to consider outright retirement instead of watching his numbers continue to fall.

Then again, Hamlin will likely stay in The Cup Series as long as FedEX continues to sponsor him, which could be awhile given how long the two have been together. Hamlin could also take Fedex with him to another team, but once he leaves his long time ride at Gibbs, its going to be very hard to build up that kind favor with another team.


Bubba Wallace.

As difficult as it is to admit this, it doesn’t seem like Darrell Wallace Jr has much of a future in The Monster Energy Cup Series. In fact, between the lack of sponsor interest in the young driver and his disastrous performance this season, its hard to imagine that he will make it past his one year extension with RPM.

Maybe someone will take a chance on Wallace Jr somewhere down the line, but his options don’t seem all that great right now. Furthermore, with the plethora of top rides that could be up for grabs at the end of the season, he might have accidentally set himself up for an early retirement if he isn’t able to find a ride at the end of the 2019 season.


Jimmie Johnson

How the might have fallen.

From title contender in 2017, to winless and out in the first round of The Cup Series championship, Jimmie Johnson has seemingly hit rock bottom. Unfortunately for Johnson, his troubles don’t end there, as he is set to lose his longtime crew chief, Chad Knaus at the end of the season, and his longtime sponsor Lowe’s as well.

If nothing else, Jimmie Johnson is the definition of a driver on borrowed time and all of these factors are starting to add up to his eventual retirement. It may not happen in 2019, it may not happen in 2020, but if anyone believes that Johnson will still be a full time Cup Series driver in five years, they are beyond crazy!


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