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Five NASCAR Stories You May Have Missed This Week

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Brad Keselowski caught complaining about younger drivers on Twitter.

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The battle rages on between the veteran and rookie drivers and while some would hope that rivalry would stay confined to the track , it appears that not even social media is safe from the battlefield as well. With that being said, Brad Keselowski responded to a tweet about fellow driver, Erik Jones, doing a television spot for Discovery and he didn’t seem very happy with the opportunity the young driver was afforded.

“Interesting to see how times have changed. Keselowski tweeted in response to Erik Jone’s post , ” My second year in cup all the execs told us we could get help doing tv shows only after winning a championship.” While its completely obvious times have changed, especially with drivers like Darrell Wallace Jr getting their own mini documentary on Facebook, its still not nice to see a veteran driver upset with the incoming publicity the spot gives the sport.

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Kevin Harvick issues huge warning about the future of the sport

Not only was he, along with his team able to rocket around the competition lap after lap to win The Folds Of Honor 400 at Atlanta Motor Speedway, he also had some impactful words of wisdom to his Cup Series competitors as well. In fact, Harvick, who has made it a little bit of a trend this season to defend the younger crop of drivers that have entered the sport over the last couple of years, did so again during an interview on Sunday night.

“For me right now, the sport is what enthuses me,” Harvick said in Victory lane. “(It’s) very intriguing to me because there’s a lot of things that need some help and guidance with so many of the young guys coming up through the ranks, and there’s so much to learn. But we have to teach them about it. Jimmie Johnson and myself have talked about it.


NASCAR Veteran coming out of retirement for one more race?

Four time Cup Series champion, Jeff Gordon hasn’t turned a lap in a Cup Series car in over a year now and while he admits that he is happy in the booth, he also admitted during a question and answer setting that he would be open to climbing back behind the wheel under the right conditions. Of course Gordon ruled out the possibility of racing on intermediate or restrictor plate tracks, but said that short tracks are a completely different ballgame.

With that being said, Gordon told a fan during a question and answer session over the weekend that he would be open to racing at Martinsville in The Camping World Truck or Xfinity Series. Unfortunately for fans hoping to see this historic moment in history, no details have been given yet and its not known if Gordon has even talked to prospective teams about doing this, but its a very interesting idea when you consider Gordon’s history at the paper clip.


Dale Jr does something horrible to his wife!

Not only did the 14 time most popular driver leave the sport on his own terms, he also moved into running a Xfinity Series team, which seems to his strong suit! While that might be true, he apparentlyy wasn’t smart enough to leave his wife, Amy Earnhardt, who is now pregnant with their first child, the a container of ice cream. Mrs. Earnhardt wasn’t happy with being slighted by her husband, and sent him a twitter message while he was trying to The Olympics.

“Just opened the freezer to find that @DaleJr polished off my coconut almond gelato, WHICH he poo poo’d in the store. Wahhhhh!!!! Boy you’re lucky you’re halfway to Pyeong Chang!,Who eats a pregnant ladies ice cream?!!!”


Denny Hamlin goes on epic Twitter rant after Bubba Wallace Jr’s Adderal comment.

Sure, The Joe Gibbs Racing driver managed to pull out some pretty convincing victories throughout his Cup Series career, but he was never able to reach that upper echelon that many of his fellow drivers have. Not only that, he also didn’t really have the kind of personality that could help bring the sport into the next era and was thus not liked by a lot of fans.

Of course that’s not really his fault, especially since he is paid to driver race cars and not to please fans ,but its pretty safe to say that he has had a rocky relationship with NASCAR fans throughout his career. Unfortunately for Hamlin, who was laps away from making the final four at Homestead last year, but eliminated thanks to a blown tire, an incident with another young star made him the poster boy for everything that was wrong with the sport.

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