Five Statistics That Show Dale JR Is A Better Driver Then Kevin Harvick

JR Nation was minding their own business and celebrating the final season of their beloved hero Dale Earnhardt, but SHR driver, Kevin Harvick just had to come along and ruin it for everyone with is comments about JR’s lack of success hurting the growth of the sport. While Harvick might be right in many regards about JR’s career, especially the fact that he hasn’t had the success he would have liked, its not like Kevin Harvick did that much better.

Here are five statistics that show Dale Earnhardt Jr is a better driver for the sport then Kevin Harvick:


Daytona 500 wins.

Yes, it is true that Kevin Harvick has won The Daytona 500 and Coke Zero 400 one time each during his Cup Series career, but Dale Earnhardt Jr has managed to nab two victories at each of those races. What makes this even more interesting is while Kevin Harvick’s wins at Daytona International Speedway came early in his career at Richard Childress Racing, JR’s four wins are split between two at DEI and two at HMS.

If nothing else, this proves that JR has a more natural talent at Daytona then Kevin Harvick, which is usually attributed to his late father, Dale Earnhardt and the importance that the track holds to The Earnhardt family as a whole.


Harvick never won at Texas Motor Speedway

The year was 2000 and expectations were abnormally high for a young rookie named Dale Earnhardt JR. While many fans expected him to succeed quickly at NASCAR’s highest level and begin the steps necessary to take his fathers place as the sports most popular driver, no one expected it to come seven races into his rookie season and at a track that most veterans had difficulty in capturing the flag at.


JR had more wins in a single season.

Sure, Kevin Harvick holds a championship over Dale Earnhardt JR and has several more wins during his tenure in The Monster Energy Cup Series then him, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, Dale Earnhardt JR actually beats Harvick in most wins in a single season. Harvick’s most wins in a season comes in 2006 and 2014, where he recorded five wins, while Dale Earnhardt Jr capture six  wins including his Daytona 500 win in 2004.

Again, Harvick might have had more success then JR later on once he left for SHR, but JR had the exact opposite experience, having more success at DEI then he ever did at Hendrick Motorsports. With that being said, Dale JR’s best season after joining Hendrick came in 2014, where he had four wins and ended up being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs. Of course it goes without saying that Harvick won the championship that year.


Dale JR swept first.

One of the funnest things for any race fan, regardless of series, is when they dominate a race or a series of races. While people who aren’t fans of that driver probably hate it and even threaten to quit watching if it continues, its still a strong show of dominance for a team to pull of the feat and is also a good morale boost for the team when they come back to the track.


Talladega wins

Dale Earnhardt JR might not be the greatest driver to ever put on the helmet in The Cup Series, but he is by far oen of the most successful drivers ever to take a lap at Talladega Super speedway. With that being said, Dale Earnhardt JR obliterates Kevin Harvick at the 2.5 mile super speedway with a record of 6 wins to 1. He also has a better average finish at Talladega, but honestly not by much.

Whats funny here is that Kevin Harvick is somehow considered the closer at Superspeedway, but somehow manages to have a worse record then Dale JR at both tracks. In the end though, this top five list was to show that while JR hasn’t had the level of success that he may have wanted during his time in The Cup Series, he still has better stats then of the series top veterans.


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