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Five Things Fans Need To Know About Kevin Harvick Cheating At Las Vegas

Kevin Harvick may have been caught cheating at Las Vegas.

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Its been an interesting two weeks for Kevin Harvick . Not only did the former Cup Series Champion and Daytona 500 winner manage to pull out a dominating win at Atlanta Motor Speedway, he also somehow did the exact same thing one week later at Las Vegas as well. Unfortunately for Kevin Harvick, who now holds a guaranteed spot in the playoffs along side Austin Dillon, he is now being accused of cheating during Sunday’s race.

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In case you missed it, photos and radio communications were  released by NASCAR following Sunday’s race at Las Vegas, fans started to notice something weird about Harvick’s back window being slightly pushed in. In fact, one driver even said something to his team about the occurrence, which hints at them wanting Harvick to be caught for the crime.

What happened

Kevin Harvick may have run away from the field to win his second Cup Series race of the season, but that doesn’t mean everyone thought it was fair. In fact, the scanner audio from Sunday’s race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway reveals that several drivers, including Chase Elliot discovered something wrong with Kevin Harvick’s winning car.

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Chase Elliott can be heard  on the radio telling his team about the back window of Kevin Harvick’s car being bent inward. The media caught on to the story in the hours after the race and started to speculate on the discrepancy. With that being said, it is believed by some that the adjustment was made  in order to give the team an aerodynamic adjustment, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Speculation on the adjustment.

There have been a lot of angles to this story and one of the biggest one remains how exactly Kevin Harvick and his team were able to pull off the adjustment without being caught by NASCAR. Some fans and pundits are pointing to the new laser inspection system implemented by NASCAR at the begging of the season, which would seemingly catch a problem like this.

As for how it might have given Harvick an advantage remains unclear, but some believe it was areodynamic in nature. According to an article from,”The buckling took place at the very last bits of each straight-away at maximum aero downforce. Would pushing down the rear window allow him to go faster in a straight line toward the end of the long straights? I don’t know. Perhaps, though I would think that by trying that you would cause a side effect of more drag from air hitting the rear spoiler.”


Former drivers give their thoughts on the story

NASCAR America’s Dale Jarrett Dale Jr and Kyle Petty spoke about the incident on Monday’s edition of their show, and all had some interesting words about what took place. What made their commentary even more interesting was the fact that Kyle Petty talked about how the drivers shouldn’t snitch on each other and just find a way to give them an advantage too

“When Dale (Jarrett) and I raced … I would look at his car. If he was doing something, I’m not going to turn him in, I’m not going to put it on social media, I’m going to do it to my car so I can go out there and try to run as good as Dale Jarrett runs.

Kyle Petty even defended Crew Chief, Rodney Childers, on the matter, which is going to look very stupid if NASCAR actually decides to punish the team for the incident. Unfortunately for Harvick and his team, this would mean that while he would go down in the record books as the official winner of the race, he would forfeit the playoff points that gained him.


NASCAR stays radio silent on the matter

Believe it or not, NASCAR has stayed radio silent on the matter as of this writing, which is worrisome due to the fact that they could be looking the other way so Fords can have an advantage until their model roles out. They could also be ignoring in order to avoid negative publicity for the sport, which would definitley hurt them this early in the season.

With that being said, this is only going to hurt the sport in the eyes of fans that are upset about this incident and could lead to another max exodus from the sport. Of course NASCAR can fix all that by simply responding and investigating what took place at Las Vegas this week, but who knows whether they actually will or not!


Various Fan reactions

While one would think that NASCAR fans would be upset about the possibility of cheating in The Cup Series, others are actually upset with NASCAR on Fox and other media outlets for covering what happened. In fact, one fan named Mark Thompson on thinks it isn’t the media’s place to point this stuff out.


It seams to me that again FOX Broadcasting has made themselves a governing body for NASCAR. Your reporters in the booth are bad enough ( Waltrips ) favoring Toyota’s during the race. They should be more like the others. Darell has a problem talking over Jeff quite often. Maybe you should stick to showing the race and let NASCAR deal with what they are supposed to do. The cars have to pass several pre race inspections and a post race inspections. If you want to stir the bucket, maybe you should look at who owns Toyota and where the foreign car parts are manufactured and not just assembled. You may also want to report where the money goes once a Toyota is sold.
As for the Chevy SS, who’s is an Australian made car that the parts had to be imported to make the NASCAR body. At least Chevy had the smarts to bring the production of the Cameros back to the states before it being presented to NASCAR. Or maybe you should stick to showing the race on T.V.

“Very common for Late Model racing series, the rear plexiglass and fiberglass roof will flex down big time. And it is definitely a down force thing,” said another fan.


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