Five Things NASCAR Fans Need To Stop Complaining About

5. Dominance

While NASCAR fans usually complain about how great things were back in the good old days, they completely flip their position when it comes to a driver or group of drivers outright dominance. Beyond that, they often complain that the driver or their team is cheating.
With that being said, however, these fans fail to realize that this sport was built on dominance and that legends like Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty spent years dominating the sport. Interestingly enough though, if their favorite driver is the one doing the dominating, they usually stop whining and will fall silent without noticing their hypocrisy.

4. Stage Racing

Stage racing isn’t the greatest thing that NASCAR ever came up with and its obvious that some changes need to be made before it becomes a permanent part of the sport. With that being said however, the stage points and playoff points act as an equalizer come playoff time.

Not only do these points accumulate and allow top drivers a chance to still make it to the next round of the playoffs if they have a bad race, but its also something that makes each and every race meaningful. If nothing else, all NASCAR needs to do is shorten the segments a bit and they might be on to something.

3. The Playoff Format

The Monster Energy Cup Series playoff format is one of the most unique and all of sports and offers the chance for fans to see 16 drivers battle for the championship at the end of the year. Beyond that, the final winner takes all race at Homestead Miami makes it so its interesting unitl the very last second.

Unfortunately for NASCAR and the fans that actually enjoy the format, others see it as manufactured excitement. The problem with that kind of thinking however is that it blurs the lines of what is considered manufactured excitement and what isn’t

2. Kyle Busch

Its no secret that a lot of NASCAR fans have a deep seeded hate for Kyle Busch and while that has died down over time, it is still very prevalent today. The only problem with this is that the same fans who absolutely hate Kyle Busch and everything he stands for also sit and worship Dale Earnhardt.

With that being said, this comparison isn’t as far off as people might think it is. In fact, both drivers were arrogant, both drivers were aggressive on the track and both have a unquestionable streak of dominance. If nothing else, these two are one in the same.

1. Veteran drivers winning

Speaking of drivers that back up their talk with a stellar performance on the track, there are the veteran drivers of the Cup Series that continue to act as the gate keepers of the sport. Unfortunatley for them, NASCAR fans absolutely have come to hate veterans and want the younger generation to take over.

And while this is all a part of the process that will ultimately play out, maybe fans could take it a little easier on the veteran drivers. Maybe we could also stop complaining about it taking a while for rookie drivers to win, which only creates a negativity cloud around the sport.

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