Five Things NASCAR Must Do In Order To Stay In Business

NASCAR is becoming more and more of a niche sport by the year and while there will always be dedicated minority that choose to religiously follow the 36 race season, there are others that are going to eventually give up on the sport. Beyond there, there are already a handful of sponsors that have given up on NASCAR.

As if the departure of Lowe’s Home Improvement, Camping World, Bass Pro Shops and Monster Energy, NASCAR is also dealing with lower ratings , empty stands and popular veterans retiring year after year, which is taking its own toll on the sport. With that being said, what does NASCAR need to do to turn all this around and keep the sport in business?


5 Change the season finale race

NASCAR has decided its champion at Homestead Miami for over a decade now and while the track has provided some pretty good finishes throughout the years, there were a lot of times it didn’t. That, along with NASCAR fans becoming increasingly bored with racing at cookie cutter tracks, means that the sport needs to shift its finale to a more deserving venue.

Maybe its Bristol, maybe its Martinsville or maybe NASCAR pulls a hail mary and decides the season at Daytona. All those choices are honestly better than what fans would continue to see at Homestead Miami Speedway and some could play a great hand in working as an equalizer for all the playoff drivers.


4 Allow  gambling at all tracks and online

Although the sport has been putting a lot of focus on the kids in hopes of creating lifelong fans, they also need to pander to the older fans as well. With that being said and sports gambling becoming legal in The United States, NASCAR needs to capitalize on its segment format and use it to structure a betting system.

This way, older fans can place their bets, NASCAR can get an added bit of needed revenue and even fans from home can take part in the action. In the end, it creates an added layer to a sport that desperately needs one and it starts with giving older fans a reason to watch NASCAR racing again.


3 restrictor plate racing

There has been a lot of experimenting going on lately in the sport of NASCAR and while some of it has come up as unsuccessful, there are other times it doesn’t. Fortunately for NASCAR officials, they really seemed to come up with something interesting when they decided to implement the new restirctor plate format for The All star race.

In fact, the race was a little more interesting than usual, which made it a little bit easier and more fun to watch. Of course some fans are going to claim that it threatens the legitimacy of the sport and takes away the car component from a race, they are usually outnumbered by the fans that are tired of seeing dominance.

In the end, its something that NASCAR fans want to see more of and that should absolutely be enough for the sport to at least experiment a little more with the format. That doesn’t mean NASCAR has to use it in the playoffs or anything like that yet, but having it at races like Kansas, Kentucky, Texas could go a long way in making things more interesting.


2 New schedule

Its no secret that fans are tired of seeing cookie cutter track after cookie cutter track in the middle of the season and while a shorter schedule would help with that, the races that remain have to be the best of the best. Furthermore, NASCAR needs to put races on the schedule that they never have before and even experiment in other countries.

With that being said, NASCAR also needs more road course races, more short track races and maybe even another roval or two. In the end, as long as NASCAR is expanding into new markets and making the season more fun for the fans, they are going to have a lot more success in keeping NASCAR afloat


1 Bring back the old championship format.

Believe it or not, its the only way to bring back the fans that have left NASCAR a while ago, but it doesn’t come without a compromise. With that in mind, why doesn’t NASCAR crown two champions at the end of the season? One for whoever survives the 10 race, four round postseason on steroids and one for who wins a straight up points race.

While this might sound like a disaster of an idea and a way to delegitamize  the title in the worst way possible, it creates two points races for fans to enjoy throughout the postseason. Not only would that bring back fans that want to see the old system again, it also allows the younger drivers to benefit from the more luck based system as well.

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