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Five Things You Won’t Believe Dale Earnhardt Jr Said On Twitter This Week

Criticizing NASCAR

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Dale Earnhardt Jr has become very vocal on twitter lately.

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Along with the other four items on this list, Jr wrote a pair of tweets that were seemingly a knock at how Fox Sports handles their coverage of NASCAR racing every week. While the broadcast organization wasn’t mentioned in either of the tweets, Jr seemed absolutely dismayed that he was no longer able to follow information about what’s happening on the race track.

I am really surprised at how challenging it is to follow along with the happenings at the race track on the weekend when you are not physically there Jr told his followers on Twitter. He tweeted again a little bit later to reiterate what he really meant by that, but its pretty sad if Jr is watching NASCAR from a fan standpoint now and not liking what he sees.

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Dale Jr reminisces on talking to a track bar

While Dale Earnhardt Jr probably wasn’t able to always see the air in the same way that his father did, he is one of the drivers known to be able to become one with his race car. In fact, a fan on twitter even told the 14 time most popular driver of the year that his favorite in car audio moment of Dale Jr’s career was when he jokingly talked to his track bar.

“I don’t know, let me ask it. a fan said reminiscing on Dale Earnhardt Jr’s greatest in car audio moment,”Track bar, are you helping me?” is probably the greatest line from @DaleJr behind the wheel of a race car.


Defending his team

Not only did he practically carry the sport on his shoulders for over a decade before retiring from the sport, he also owns and operates of the most competitive teams in the Xfinity Series. With that being said and JR Motorsports amassing 38 wins, two championships and having three drivers in the final four last year. its probably not secret that they are the envy of the garage.

“Do any of the teams throw shade or get angry that you’re fielding teams in their series, a fan asked Jr on twitter. ”  Of course the question sounds kind of silly, especially with how respected The Earnhardt name is NASCAR as whole, but it is also an interesting question to ask considering how outright dominant they have been lately.


Asking For parenting advice

Don’t you wish you had the internet when you became a parent?

While older generations relied on the town doctor or maybe an opinion from a friend, internet savvy first time parents are turning to the internet in order to help them with parenting issues they face. Dale Earnhardt Jr is apparently one of those parents after posting to twitter to ask his followers an important question.

Wait, babies can get hiccups inside their mommy’s tummy?

Just incase Dale Jr reads this……..

According to a google search,”Your baby may have started hiccupping every now and again late in your first trimester or early in your second trimester. However, you probably won’t actually feel your baby hiccup until you’re about 27 weeks pregnant. … Your baby’s hiccups will feel like a series of little rhythmic or jerky movements.”


 Admits he’s whipped now

Marriage changes everything!

Dale Earnhardt Jr might have been a 14 time most popular driver and one of the most success Earnhardt’s in stock car racing history, but he is also a married man now. With that being said, the former Cup Series driver admitted to his multitude of twitter followers that he was now indeed a whipped man for his wife Amy.

I listen to my wife. So much so that I’ll try to make a sink out of a block of granite when she requests it. Props to anyone who made anything out of a block of granite before the invention of modern tools. That is all.

Of course this is just play and its great to see Dale Earnhardt Jr be the southern gentleman that he has proven to be countless times, but this has to be a dream for Dale jr haters who find him to be the most overrated driver of all time. Whether that matters or not is up to you, but don’t be surprised that he gets some criticisms for it.

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