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Five Times NASCAR Fans Made The Sport Look Bad

Things go too far sometimes in NASCAR and other sports as well.

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Take The Malice in the palace for example, where several NBA superstars got into a fight with each other and eventually members of the onlooking crowd. While things were eventually broken up and players sent to their respective locker rooms, it was a moment that exemplified not only the worst in the players but the worst in the fans as well for throwing drinks at the players.

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With that being said, its no secret that every sport has these types of moments throughout their history and unfortunately, NASCAR is no exception to rule. Of course, a lot of the things NASCAR fans have done will come nowhere the near the level of insanity as The Malice in the palace, but NASCAR has certainly had their fair share of these controversial moments.


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5 Fan climbing the fence at Richmond.

It’s no secret that beer and sports go hand in hand and while most fans are able to hold their alcohol without being a nuisance, other fans don’t have that level of self-control. That became evident during the 2014 Fall race at Richmond Motor Speedway, where a drunken fan go so bored with the cuationless race that they decided to climb the fence to shake things up.

The fan was eventually talked down by security officials at the track and was later arrested for public intoxication. What was interesting here is that it seemingly marked the first time in NASCAR history that a fan had thought to climb the fence that separates the fans from the racetrack. with that being said, it was a very dangerous thing to do and made the sport look bad as well.


4 throwing trash at Jeff Gordon during after his 77th win.

It’s understandable that NASCAR fans would be a little upset after watching Jeff Gordon surpass Dale Earnhardt on the all-time win list, but to disrespect him in the way that they did was uncalled for. Of course, Gordon gaining the victory at a track like Talladega Superspeedway, which was arguably Dale Earnhardt’s best track, only added salt to the wound but was still uncalled for.

In the end, NASCAR probably made a bad decision by calling the race after only one caution and could have tried to finish the race one more time under green gave the importance of the possible victory. With that being said and Gordon’s impact on the sport of NASCAR as a whole, fans should have given him a lot more respect then what they ultimately did.


3 Cheering when Matt Kenseth took Joey Logano out at Martinsville

Cheering and jeering for your favorite and least favorite person in a particular sport is the right of any fan, but doing so in some instances is borderline hypocritical. Take for example the incident between Joey Logano and Matt Kenseth in 2016, where  Kenseth came back on the track after an earlier incident with the sole purpose of taking out Logano and ruining his day.

Of course, Logano isn’t blameless in this situation either, especially since he wrecked Matt Kenseth once or twice throughout the playoffs in order to win the race, but taking a driver out when not even in contention was a little bit too far. What was also too far was the fact that Kenseth was greeted with a standing ovation after he took the leader out.


2 Claiming that Kyle Busch’s 2016 Championship shouldn’t count

Kyle Busch returned after breaking both his legs during a Xfinity Series race at Daytona International Speedway and while he would go on to win the championship in one of the most memorable seasons in NASCAR history, NASCAR fans repeatedly tried to minimize the accomplishment due to the fact that he didn’t compete in all the races that year.

Of course, the reason for that was because he was rehabbing his two broken legs, but fans didn’t really seem to care since it was Kyle Busch. With that being said, Busch returned to The Cup Series at Charlotte Motor Speedway and put on an absolute clinic to win the first championship of his career.


1 Fan throwing a shoe at Danica Patrick

Another example of disrespect to the sport and the drivers that compete in it was in Montreal back in 2012, where a fan threw a shoe at Danica Patrick while she was leading. The shoe was thrown from the stands to the racing groove and was eventually run over by Patrick while she was leading the race.

Unfortunately for Patrick, the shoe messed up her car and she was forced to surrender the lead and ultimately the race win. If nothing else, this just kind of showed how against progress NASCAR fans were at the time, especially since this could have been Patrick’s first win ever in The Xfinity Series and will also go down as one of the biggest screw jobs in NASCAR history!

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