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Giants closer Mark Melancon channels Allen Iverson to respond to strange stretching controversy

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Mark Melancon wasn’t expecting his first year with the San Francisco Giants to go quite like it has so far.

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Through the early part of the season, Melancon and the Giants have struggled their way to a 28-51 overall record – the second-worst mark in all of baseball.

Now, Melancon, the team’s closer, is dealing with a “controversy” surrounding the fact that he changed a long-standing tradition in which the San Francisco relievers would get together on game days to stretch at 3:30 p.m.

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According to, Melancon can’t believe he actually has to respond to a story like this. He channeled his inner Allen Iverson (who famously ranted about practice) to respond to what he feels is not an issue at all:

“I’m shocked,” Melancon told reporters Monday. “But honestly, if this is the thing we can point at and say this is the reason for the bad year so far, then please bring it on. We’re talking about stretching, right? Stretching. I feel like Allen Iverson talking about stretching. We’re still talking about stretching. I don’t want to talk about stretching, but we’re talking about stretching.”

Indeed, it isn’t as if the Giants relievers aren’t stretching at all – they’re just not doing it at 3:30 p.m. The changed stretching time isn’t what has caused the Giants to struggle so much this year.

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