How Leavine Family Racing Is Slowly Becoming The Next Furniture Row Racing

Leavine Family racing could be expanding to two Monster Energy Cup Series teams in 2020. Team owner, Bob Leavine, talked about his plans to add another car to the team during an interview with and actually revealed that they originally wanted to expand to two cars for the 2019 season.

“Yes, we are working on expanding for 2020 right now,” Leavine said during a Q-and-A session. “It’s just a matter of sponsorship because we can put the people on it, and we have the organization and Toyota Racing Development will support that. So yes, we are working to expand.”

Interestingly enough, Leavine Family racing has a lot of things going for it right now, becoming a satellite team for Joe Gibbs Racing and adding another team in 2020 could make things even better. Another advantage LFR has right now is their partnership with Toyota and Toyota Racing development, which has already seemingly lead to positive results.

For example, look at Matt DiBenedetto in The Daytona 500. Not only did the man lead 49 laps before being taken out in an accident, he has also been steadily improving since the beginning of the season and currently sits 25th in the point standings.

Beyond all that, he is also improving upon his performances from last season and even shows signs of being the man to beat this year when it comes to restrictor plates. If nothing else, Leavine has a legitimate chance of winning a race this year and they have an even better chance of becoming the next Furniture Row racing if they keep getting talent like Dibennedetto.

Think about it! Furniture Row racing didn’t start taking off, at least as a championship contender, until the team switched to Toyota. Sure, they had that good year with Kurt Busch, where he went winless and still made the playoffs, but they weren’t true contenders until switching to Toyota.

Looking bad at FRR’s history, they didn’t get their first Cup Series win until 2011 with Regan Smith. Now this was back when they were in a Chevrolet and just starting to become competitive. Now this continued on for a couple of seasons with mixed results until Smith was replaced by Kurt Busch and later by Martin Truex Jr.

With that being said, Martin Truex Jr won his first race with the team in 2014, but it wasn’t until the switch to Toyota and the 2015 season that he collected four wins. He followed that up with a eight win season and a Cup Series championship to top it all off!

Now think back to the situation that Leavine Family racing is in with DiBenedetto right now. Isn’t their performance getting steadily better since the switch to Toyota. Don’t they seem on the verge of a win that will could launch the team to the next level?

In the end, LFR is aligned with the top manufacturer in NASCAR, have some pretty good sponsors behind them, posses young hungry talent and are slowly improving week after week. Between all of that and their desire to expand to a two car team next year, how can you not see these guys as the next Furniture Row racing.?

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