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If NBA Expands, Could St. Louis Be In Play?

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St. Louis is not just a two-sport town. The NFL is gone, leaving only hockey and baseball, with a few lower-level professional soccer leagues and some independent league sports.

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But as Major League Soccer talks continue, and there now might be a new top tier American league (or association I should say) possibly interested in St. Louis.

The National Basketball Association.

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A story from CBS Sports claims the association wants to expand soon, and has listed the most likely cities on the NBA’s radar.

Here’s what Matt Moore had to say about St. Louis:

They just lost the Rams, so there’s a gap there, but that also likely makes the market less appealing. Meanwhile, they have an arena, Scottrade Arena, where the Blues play, but it’s 22 years old. They need a new one, and fast. Ownership is also a question. St. Louis might welcome an NBA team to fill the hole the Rams left in their collective heart, but not everyone is so sure.

Also on the list were basketball-less cities like Seattle, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas and Mexico City.


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