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Jesse Jackson Cries Racism & Attacks White Olympian Carrying US Flag, Gets Nasty Surprise

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The Reverend Jesse Jackson is making headlines for viciously attacking U.S. Olympian Erin Hamlin, who proudly led Team USA into the opening ceremonies, carrying the Ameican flag. What’s his beef with the bronze medal winner? Well, she’s white, and that’s her big crime according to the far leftist reverend who is now shocked after he got a nasty surprise, making him look like a fool.

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The drama around the “flagbearer” for Team USA started several days ago. Carrying Old Glory and leading the American team into the opening ceremonies at the Olympics is a big deal, and there is a method by which the flagbearer is chosen. There is a vote by the athletes from each of the eight winter sports federations, and there was a tie between luger Erin Hamlin and speedskater Shani Davis, according to Yahoo News.

The Olympic rules state that, in the case of a tie, there is a coin toss. The four-time Olympian and winner of a luge bronze medal at the 2014 Sochi games won the coin toss, and immediately, the loser, speedskater Shani Davis, played the race card. In a tweet posted to his account, Davis said the process by which Hamlin won was executed “dishonorably,” and he included a reference to Black History Month, suggesting Hamlin got the nod due to pure racism.

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Below is a screenshot of the tweet. After his post went viral and after Americans became outraged over his ridiculous “Black Lives Matter” delusions, the spoiled speedskater made his Twitter “private.” Then, Davis boycotted the opening ceremonies like a big crybaby in a final slap in the face to Team USA.

Jackson is viciously attacking Erin Hamlin, implying she is not qualified to carry the American flag in the opening ceremonies. The ole Rev. Jesse backed up the NFL players who knelt disrespecting Old Glory, yet when it comes to carrying the flag in the Olympics, all of a sudden, the flag is important? Well, we all know this isn’t about patriotism or love of country — this is political pandering and hypocrisy at its best.


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