Jimmie Johnson Drops Huge Bombshell During Interview

And just like that, Jimmie Johnson is the topic of conversation again. Not for anything he has done behind the wheel of his #48 Ally Chevrolet, this season but for his statement about being just as athletic as New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady.

With that being said, Johnson was asked about how he stacked up against Top Brady during a interview with The Boston globe and he replied that it would be a tie. He also mentioned that his comments probably wouldn’t play well to Boston fans.

Of course die hard New England fans are going to laugh at the mere thought of Jimmie Johnson being on the same level athletically as Tom Brady, but the Cup Series champion made sure to let everyone know that he meant in regards to their respective sports.

And speaking statistically, the two are basically the resident goats among active competitors in their respective sports. For example, Brady is a six time Super Bowl winner, which stands as the record. Then there is Johnson, who is tied for the record of most Cup Series Champions with Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty, who sit at seven a piece.

Going back to Brady, he also stands with the most games ever won by a quarterback, with 237, which practically eclipses Jimmie Johnson’s Cup Series win total of 92. Of course Johnson isn’t the all time leader like Brady is in that regard, but he is certainly the most successful driver of his generation.

Interestingly enough, Johnson is also a part of NASCAR’s powerhouse stable, Hendrick Motorsports, which compares quite nicely with Tom Brady’s New England Patriots. Either way, they both have some of the most successful people in the sport working alongside them and it certainly helps them achieve great things.

Another way the two athletes were similar was the fact that Jimmie Johnson had Chad Knaus as a crew chief or a coach if you will and Brady had mad genius Bill Bellichick behind him. Unfortunately that is no longer the case as Johnson and Knaus were split up and The seven time champion was paired with a new crew chief at the beginning of the season.

In the end, its a debate that will probably rage on for all of five minutes until fans of both sports find something new to debate about, but its nice to see Johnson stick up for himself and the sport by referring to themselves as athletes.

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