Joey Logano Makes Controversial Statement About NASCAR Fans During Interview

Joey Logano already made headlines this year after winning at Las Vegas and calling out fans that didn’t like the new type of racing the aero package produced,and had done so once again by defending the sports current qualifying procedure. As if that wasn’t enough, he also called out fans and even the media for not liking it!

” I think it’s fine the way it is”. Logano said during an interview with for the win, ” That’s honestly my opinion. We’re still competing. When you think about what’s going on on the race track and how we set ourselves up to have the best draft out there, the science that goes into making sure you get back to the line on time, we don’t want to be the lead car. So you wait in that patient game you have to play. It’s risk versus reward. “

The controversial procedure, which consists of three group qualifying sessions that gradually dwindle the field down to 12 drivers, took center stage at Auto Club Speedway earlier this year in what can only be described as one of the most embarrassing moments of the sports history.

“And I hate that the perception of what people think,” Logano told for the win during the interview,” whether it’s the fans or the media or broadcast partners. (They) speak so negatively about it that we’ll have to change to something because they have to listen to that. “But as a competitor, I’m still competing. It’s not a crapshoot. (Jimmie Johnson) was the fastest in all three rounds last week. You don’t get lucky three times. They had the fastest car, he strategically put himself in the right place in the draft and he won the pole. Their team did the best job at it, and they got rewarded. “

While the final 12 competitors had seven minutes to make a lap and post a qualifying time, none of them choose to do so and instead waited on pit road for the entirety of the session. The reason for this is that whoever went out first would have been at a aerodynamic disadvantage and would thus be a sitting duck for other competitors looking to catch a timely draft and post a good lap.

NASCAR officials later expressed that they were embarrassed by the incident and would consider making changes before the upcoming race at Kansas motor speedway. Speculation has run rampant since the announcement of changes coming, but the prevailing theory seems to be a return to single car qualifying.

As for Logano, this is the second time he has totally agreed with NASCAR’s decision making. Not only does that kind of paint him as the corporate bad boy, which is a cool little moniker to have, it also might be slowly making him the next Kyle Busch!

In the end, qualifying isn’t expected to be a huge factor over the next couple of races, especially since super speedway’s like Talladega have single car qualifying anyway, but it will be very interesting to see what NASCAR officials come up with.

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