Kyle Busch Asks NASCAR To Let Him Compete For Xfinity And Truck Series title

So competitive in fact that he has racked up a total of 201 wins in NASCAR’s top three series of competition and has two wins the Cup Series so far this season. As if that wasn’t enough to prove how competitive he is, Busch also has won 7 of the 11 races he has competed in this year.

Beyond that, he is also undefeated in The Gander Mountain Truck Series and has only lost one Xfinity Series so far this year. Not only are these stats extremely scary, they have also put a damper on NASCAR’s attempt to create new names in the lowered tiered series.

Unfortunately for Kyle Busch, this has forced NASCAR to only allow a driver to compete for one championship every season and gives them a limited number of starts in the other series as well. Kyle Busch doesn’t like these rules however and wants NASCAR to eventually lift them.

“Why don’t you let us run as many races as we want to run and then once we miss one, we’re done?” Busch claimed when asked about Cup drivers being restricted from racing in lower tiered series’ “So if I go all the way to (the June 15 race at Iowa Speedway) in the trucks and run 10 races and can’t go to Iowa, I’m done.”

Busch didn’t stop their however and went on to ask NASCAR to allow him to compete for a championship in all three of NASCAR’s top series. Of course Rowdy Nation would probably love that, especially since he would be one of the only drivers right now that could pull a feat like that off, but it doesn’t exactly allow drivers in lower series to make a name for themselves

“You can race for points or whatever Busch continued on with his pith to NASCAR officials, ” and so if that ever came down to that, then maybe there’d be an opportunity years down the road that then you can run multiple series and try to go after a championship that way.”

In all honestly, Kyle Busch probably shouldn’t be restricted to a number of races a year, but him racing for the championship in all three series would be a massively unpopular decision by NASCAR. it could also kill the sports developmental system and ensure that no new names get made.

Think about it! Kyle Busch has been untouchable in The Truck Series this year and the only reason he lost The Xfinity Series race at Fontana was only due to the fact that he received a speeding penalty late in the race. Face it! If it wasn’t for the restrictions and the bad luck, NASCAR would literally be the Kyle Busch show!

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