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Kyle Busch Wants NASCAR To Change Controversial Team Owner Rule

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Kyle Busch is a very talented man.

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In fact, he is one of the few drivers in the sport of NASCAR that can literally get a reaction from the crowd every time he says or does something. Maybe a lot of that has to do with his natural abilities behind a race car,  or maybe its his hot temper and bratty statements that he makes every week, but Kyle Busch is the king of controversy when it comes to The Monster Energy Cup Series.

Busch, like a skilled maestro, has a talent for controlling NASCAR fans and whipping them into a frenzy every chance he gets. Its evil really and while  a wide variety of fans  may claim that they hate the guys guts and want to see him blow an engine on lap one, that only means that they are going to continue to watch him! Whether its to see how he destroys the competition or how much of flop season he is having, he’s a very observed driver.

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With that being said, Kyle Busch continued that trend during a press conference last week at Kentucky where Busch criticized NASCAR’s four car cap rule and stating that he would like to see it lifted. I certainly wish that we didn’t have the cap of four Busch told reporters when asked about Erik Jones taking over Matt Kenseth’s ride next year (full-time cars per team) and that we could grow and be a bigger company than what we are right now.”

The rule, which was put in place by NASCAR in 2006, forced teams in The Cup Series to only run four full time teams and part time car for seven races. The new rule had a clause that grandfathered in teams that already had full time sponsorship, but only until the existing contract was up. The cap limit was NASCAR’s way of helping smaller teams have more of chance against the big dogs of the sport and has also inspired great multi team partnerships.

The flip side of this however is that NASCAR owners aren’t able to field more then four cars, even if the team has the sponsorship and driver to do so. What they can do however is make a multi team dea, which is a satalite team and keep up and coming drivers in the fold that way. The multi team deal also allows for smaller team owners to get access to top grade equipment from bigger teams and be more competitive on the track.

Going back to Kyle Busch’s comments, its not exactly known why Busch wants the team cap lifted and what, if any benefit the move would have for Joe Gibbs Racing, but it seems to have something to do with keeping a teams resources all in one place and bigger teams having full control over whether a driver has a decent shot at making in The Cup level or not.

While satellite teams are in no way perfect and still give the bigger team owners a great deal of control over their smaller counterparts, the cap at least the smaller teams to benefit from having high end connections and also allows for newer stars to make names for themselves in The Cup Series. Of course under the four team cap teams can filed a fifth driver under certain circumstances, but that’s only for seven races a season.

In the end, it will be interesting to see what, if anything comes from this and if NASCAR  even bothers to respond to Kyle Busch’s comments.  He is obviously either coming from a place of frustration at his own short comings this season, or Kyle Busch really is for having a couple of strong teams in NASCAR compared to spreading out the wealth through multiple partnerships, driver, sponsors and more!

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