LeBron James VS. Draymond Green

Some words just won’t be tolerated. They strike a nerve with some people and once the word’s escaped the lips, all bets are off about the ensuing reaction. With inside of three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter of Game 4, as his Cavaliers were trying to mount a comeback against the Warriors, LeBron James heard such a word. Watching on television, the imbroglio between Draymond Green and James appeared to be of the physical variety.

After James and Green got tangled at the top of the key where Draymond was trying to set a pick, LeBron appeared to knock him to the court and step over him. For some, that’s a big no-no, as Charles Barkley mentioned in his post-game interview with Draymond. Green responded to the step-over by whipping his hand at LeBron and appearing to connect with his groin area. As we know from earlier in the playoffs, Dray’s got a history with the low-blow hits.



That led to some jawing at each other and both were whistled for fouls on the ensuing rebound attempt before teammates and the refs jumped in to separate them. But LeBron was visibly incensed, which — as his Jay-Z explanation from last month details — is not like him.

It was clear in James’ post-game comments, something else about the snafu is what got him going.

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