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Lewis Hamilton wants to see one ‘silly’ rule change in Formula 1

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Lewis Hamilton believes that Formula One is letting fans down with its wet tyre rule.

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Current regulations state that each driver is permitted four sets of intermediate tyres and three sets of wet tyres. Unfortunately, this can lead to teams opting against sending drivers out for practice, instead wanting to preserve their limited amount of tyres for the qualifying and race portions.

The recent Japanese Grand Prix FP2 session suffered because of this, and Lewis Hamilton has urged the sport’s decision-makers to change the rules in order to further benefit the fans.

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“The issue is that it’s a silly rule because there are fans that sit out in the rain all day and because they restrict us with these stupid tyres, we can’t go out,” Hamilton said, as per Crash. “It’s silly.

The Briton completed the joint-most laps (along with Williams’ Lance Stroll), although that was still only four.

Hamilton wants looser regulations for wet tyres to allow more freedom – and to give the fans something to actually watch.

He continued: “It’s better not to go out because we might need this in the race.

“But if they just make it a lot more relaxed and free then we can go out and give some entertainment because that’s the most important thing.

“The guys were sitting out for the whole of P2 in the rain and they saw like three cars. I think that’s unfair. Of course, the teams don’t want us to go out because it’s risky but if we just had more tyres we could run more.

“I think that’s my strong feeling about it. It’s a silly, silly rule and I feel like we rob them. They should get their money back.”

Hamilton would go on to win the Japanese Grand Prix by a little over a second ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, with fierce rival Sebastian Vettel retiring.

The victory leaves Hamilton a healthy 59 points ahead of Vettel in the standings.

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