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MLB Insider Outlines Two Main Reasons Why Cubs Won’t Sign Bryce Harper

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Recently, there’s been a ton of speculation over where superstar slugger Bryce Harper will sign when he becomes a free agent next year.

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Many ​believe he will sign with the New York Yankees. Others think he will sign with the Cubs. All of these ideas are unsubstantiated and have no basis in facts.

Last season, the 25-year-old outfielder hit .319 with 29 home runs. He’s an exceptional talent and whoever lands him (for $400 million) is going to be lucky.

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However, it’s looking as though the Chicago Cubs will not be the landing spot for Harper. An MLB insider gives two reasons as to why.

The first reason given is that the Cubs have Jason Heyward, one of the best defensive outfielders in the game, in right field.

Since he’s under contract for 4 more years, the Cubs aren’t just going to bring in a new guy to displace him.

The other reason the Cubs won’t sign Harper is that they’re going to spend their money on their own guys. They need to extend players like Kris Bryant, and they won’t be able to if they spend millions on Harper. Oh, and forget about staying under the luxury tax threshold.

It seems as though, ​despite speculation, Harper is not going to land with the Cubs. Next year’s free agency will be a lot of fun, because we’ll get to see where he does go.

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