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MLBPA Executive Director Releases Statement on Player Protests

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Shortly after was the widespread anthem protests in the NFL. Since that was such major news at a crucial point in United States history, the MLB is likely to have more players take a stand and kneel during games.

The MLB Players Association knows this, and their Executive Director Tony Clark wanted to assure everyone on the MLBPA’s stance on kneeling.


​​It is certainly interesting to see how peaceful protesting has been received by the NFL and MLB. The NFL and the owners seemed hesitant at first, but with so many players, coaches and now owners involved, the floodgates seem to be opening.

The MLB and the Players Association should be proud of their stance on the peaceful protests. It is every right of the players to voice their opinion.

Professional athletes have been role models in society for decades, only now it seems they are leading the charge against inequality and division.


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