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NASCAR Caught Exploiting Hurricane Irma Coverage To Gain Viewership

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The Continental United States is currently bracing themselves for one of the most powerful storms of the Century and while those in Hurricane Irma’s path are constantly watching for updates on the impending impact of the storm, its power and its path, NASCAR is busy trying to get fans hyped for Saturday night at Richmond.

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In what can only be described as the sports most desperate plea for viewership for the final weekend of the regular season, NASCAR on NBC thought it would be a good idea to air a commercial about Saturday night’s race at Richmond Raceway in between coverage of Hurricane Irma.

With that being said and the size and sheer power of the storm its probably pretty safe to say that no one in their right mind is thinking about a NASCAR  race right now. In fact, the commercial really only serves as an act of desperation and exploitation, especially since its the only sport being advertised on TWC.

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It also unfortunately distracts from what’s important right now and that’s gathering supplies, heading evacuation orders and calling family and loved ones to make sure that they are taking the necessary steps as well. If nothing else, this proves that NASCAR has no interest in their fans safety, just their viewership.

Of course fans are going to flack back with reports of tracks like Atlanta Motor Speedway, Talladega Super speedway and other tracks on The Monster Energy Cup Series circuit, but how convenient is it that they would do something like this only days before one of their most important races of the year.

In other words, its a publicity move that makes these tracks and by association, NASCAR look good, while simultaneously pumping their commercials into continuing coverage of a severe weather system that has quite a few million people concerned right now.

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