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NASCAR Considers Making Its Cars Quiete

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NASCAR is considering turning down the volume on its iconic V8 roar, reports Sports Business Journal. The idea is being considered to allow fans to be able to talk to each other during the races. The idea is among 15 to 20 initiatives NASCAR is studying on topics including competition and fan engagement. Some of those, such as shortening select race weekends to two days and breaking races into stages, are already in use.

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Yet this terrible idea would ruin one of the reasons you go to NASCAR in person to begin with. The sound of a NASCAR race is what makes it a near-religious experience. You don’t just hear the cars. You feel them in your bones. Experiencing the earth-shaking roar of a NASCAR field echo off the banking of an oval track is among the top experiences a car enthusiast should have in their life, as it is an auditory spectacle like nothing else on earth.

NASCAR, for better or for worse, shies away from extreme innovation in favor of being the more human-centered series, as The Verge recently described in their lengthy examination of technology in the sport. As such, NASCAR doesn’t share F1’s tech-centric motivation for going quieter, so even the fans who feel as if NASCAR should become more modern would likely be angry at the change.

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