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NASCAR: Five Major News Stories Fans May Have Missed This Week 11/29-12/4

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New rule change

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Apparently NASCAR isn’t done selling its soul yet and have now decided to start allowing companies to have their products promoted by NASCAR online. The move allows teams to opt into a program where NASCAR teams could potentially be asked to help sell products. That would include drivers, team owners, crew members, crew chiefs and anyone else with a following to promote for these businesses.

With that being said. this makes NASCAR more of a corporate shell then ever before and it will show when the season starts. How could they not when their feeds are flooded  with this product and that product. Its probably going to get annoying pretty quick and is going to lead to even more people leaving the sport. The question is, how far does NASCAR go with this.

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Daniil Kvyat testing a Euro NASCAR car

Formula One driver, Daniill Kvyat, who was ousted by Redbull Racing and losing his seat to Brendon Hartley at Toro Rosso , is still trying to find a ride for next season and mght have to look outside of Formula One to find one. Of course there’s no shame in trying something new and that might be why Kvywat decided to take part in a recruitment event at Italy’s Franciacorta circuit and took some tests lap in a stock car.

With that being said and Kvyat still not having a ride for the 2018 season after being ousted in favor of , Euro NASCAR President Jerome Galpin, stated in an interview with Auto Hebdow that”He enjoyed driving the car without these extra systems that are in Formula 1, but they were tests purely for pleasure. Daniil is still focused on a career in Formula 1, and his plans do not include moving to a NASCAR series.”


Eddie Wood Undergoes Heart surgery.

Wood Brothers Racing co owner, Eddie Wood, underwent surgery Heart Valve surgery and is now recovering, according to a post by NBC. The surgery took place in WInston Salem North Carolina and was to repair his prolapsed Mitral value.  The Wood Brothers Racing Twitter account posted the following regarding Wood’s condition after the surgery.


Brian France versus Martin Truex Jr

It was the shot heard around the NASCAR world when NASCAR CEO, Brian France, practically threw Martin Truex Jr’s championship ring and rushing off stage afterwards. The move was seen as extremely rude and showed a lot of fans how out of touch France really was. If nothing else, it also served to show just how out of touch his decison making will be during the off season.


Kyle Busch accused of Being Rude To Fans During The Snowball Derby.

Kyle Busch is a man that simply cant catch a break. Not only is he constantly hounded with gotcha question after gotcha question from reporters in hopes of getting him to say something controversial, his every move is watched on social media as well. While Busch doesn’t mind the negative attention most of the time, he probably even revels in it for fun, he did take exception to one person’s reports about him after the 50th annual Snowball Derby.’s, Matt Weaver, took to twitter during the annual Snowball derby and claimed that everyone that entered the race signed a helmet for him, but when the helmet was passed to Kyle Busch, he declined to sign the helmet. Although this does fall in line with what most fans think Kyle Busch would do in this situation, Busch responded to the claims with a tweet of his own.

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