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NASCAR To Get Rid Of The Cam-Am Duels At Daytona?

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While The Can-Am Duels at Daytona did offer a little bit of drama heading into The 60th running of The Daytona 500, especially since seven Cup Series drivers will have to start from the back after crashing out of the race, it wasn’t exactly what NASCAR needed in order to generate excitement. Even worse, With that being said and the races limited importance to The Great American race or the season, should NASCAR consider getting rid of it.

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Of course a lot of the reason for wanting to ditch the race has to do with the races no longer determining whether a driver makes The Daytona 500 anymore, but the lackluster racing it has also caused over the years also makes it an easier choice to make. In the end, here are the pros and cons of NASCAR eliminating The Duels from Daytona Speedweeks.


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Pro: Less risk

Sure, the cars not hitting the track for The Duels anymore would be upsetting for the fans,  but it would also be a huge relief on race teams. Not only would it help cut down on costs incurred through using extra equipment, it also allows NASCAR drivers and teams to not have to choose between putting on a good show for the fans and saving their car for race day.

Of course its not a perfect solution and rips away at another historic part of NASCAR, but its also one that isn’t well liked anymore and probably wouldn’t be missed as something else was. There’s also the fact that NASCAR’s new charter system allows for every driver to make the field, which virtually eliminates the need for The Duels at Daytona at all.


Con: Less track time.

Eliminating The Duels at Daytona would be a great Prway to cut down on costs, but it also takes away from valuable seat time that could help a team and a driver come race day. It also allows the team to get the racecar race day ready, which gives them a huge advantage over the rest of the field if they find the right adjustment. If that wasn’t enough, it even allows drivers the rare opportunity to see how their car reacts during an actual race.

If nothing else, that is going to put a lot of smaller teams at a huge disadvantage come race day and also hurt drivers in the opening parts of the race. Sure, the right adjustment can eventually be made during the race and even help propel the car to the win, but getting rid of The Duels would force teams to go into race day blind. That’s not a good thing either!


Pro: Eliminates sand bagging.

Whether NASCAR fans really want to admit it or not, seeing drivers ride around in the back in order to protect their ride for race day inst great television. Not only that, it is also a poor way for the drivers to represent the sport and only shows how backwards NASCAR can be sometimes. Sure, NASCAR kind of makes up for it by doing two races and making them have a shootout kind of feel, but it still sucks to see the best drivers sandbagging.

In the end, this solves the problem of teams having to choose between strategy and fan excitement and also allows for fans not to have to witness one of the most uninteresting races in NASCAR history!

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