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NASCAR Officials Give Harsh Response To Brad Keselowski’s Comments At Kentucky

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Like a stern father lecturing their children about getting poor marks on their report card, NASCAR official, Steve O’Donnell responded to Brad Keselowski’s rant after wrecking out of Sunday’s Quaker State 400 by stating that he is disappointing in the former Cup Series champion and believes that a lot of his fiery words on Saturday night had to do with his frustrations over how his race ended

“I was a little disappointed in the comment for sure,” O’Donnell told hosts Mike Bagley and Pete Pistone. “Brad’s a leader in our sport. I understand it was heat of the moment, but definitely disappointing to see that. “My immediate (feedback) is Brad Keselowski had input on this rules package. I think he was frustrated, he had a tough night. The cars are supposed to be hard to drive. These are the best drivers in the world.

“I chalk that up with frustration, heat of the moment. O’Donnell continued when asked more about Brad Keselowski’s controversial comments at Kentucky,”  But, yeah, we always work on improve the racing. We are working, as we always do, with the industry to put together what could be that future car, but that’s down the road. That’s years in the making.”

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Of course some of that could be true, especially since Brad Keselowski’s night ended on lap 89 when he got collected in an incident with Jimmie Johnson and Clint Bowyer, but that doesn’t mean he was exactly happy with the car before the incident. In fact, Keseowski struggled throughout the entirety of the first stage of the race and only got as high as seventh before the incident occurred.

Not only that, he also only was able to pass three cars under green flag conditions during Saturday’s race, but got passed for position 11 times during the race as well. In the end, he finished in 39th place in the final running order and dropped from fifth to eight in the point standings. Of course he still has his two wins to fall back on come playoff time, but he and his team don’t really seem playoff ready at this point in time.

Brad Keselowski had some harsh words for NASCAR after the Kentucky race, telling reporters that,”“I am probably as much frustrated with myself as I am frustrated with the situation and frustrated with the sport that we can’t design a better car than this that you can race without having to do everything on the restart,” he said at the time. “That is all part of it I guess. It is where we are right now.”

What happens from here is anyone’s guess, but with the call for more manufactures to come ot NASCAR and multiple drivers calling for better racing on the track, its not like NASCAR can ignore this problem for very long. In fact, it may be one of the core issues that determines if NASCAR begins to thrive as a sport again or just drops off the radar as its fans continue to leave in droves.

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