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NASCAR Officials Planning To Announce Controversial Rule Change For The 2018 Season

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Of course the idea of another change taking place in the sport of NASCAR probably makes fans blood boil and steam come out of their head, change is sometimes a good thing. In some cases, it can be an amazing thing, especially if it improves the quality of the sport and also increases intrigue as well. With that being said, this change will achieve both of those things and so much more.

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Its no secret that encumbered wins have been a bit of storyline over the course of this season and while Joey Logano, Denny Hamlin and a few other all sit with encumbered wins after their cars failed inspection, they still get credit for the win in the history books. Fortunately for those that think that’s completely ridiculous and doesn’t make sense given the fact that the car is deemed illegal, it looks like NASCAR wants to change all that!

“I think NASCAR is seriously going to consider stripping wins in 2018. NBC Sports, Nathan Ryan told NASCAR America when asked about the whether NASCAR would consider such a controversial change or not I don’t think that’s going to be in consideration as far as a change in policy this season,” . “I think it’s absolutely, I’ve been told, under consideration for next season.”

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While NASCAR has already made it so a win that gets encumbered doesn’t qualify you for a playoff spot in the postseason, the addition of taking the win away completely will help legitimize the sport and make their policy on the issues of penalties more clear. The only problem with this idea is that NASCAR is now either forced to end the race without a winner, or name the second place car the winner by default.

Both solutions come with their own set of issues, but what is really the point of keeping people who drove illegal cars in the history book anyway? If nothing else, Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano’s respective victories are tainted and don’t belong in the history books anyway, so why not just do NASCAR fans a favor and legitimize the sport with this new policy.

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