NASCAR Planning To Ban Burn out Celebrations In 2019

While that might sound like crazy talk, especially since celebratory burnouts have been a staple of NASCAR for decades now, it is becoming a possibility due to the sport’s new policy of disqualifying a driver for failing postrace inspection. Interestingly enough, NASCAR was asked about whether burnouts would still be allowed and answered with the following.

“We’re in show business,” said Scott Miller, NASCAR senior vice president of competition. “Fans like burnouts. It’s a hard decision to make, and I don’t think we’ve actually landed on whether or not we’re going to say they can’t do that. But let’s just say that, at the very least, if there are habitual offenders of that, that’s not going to be OK.”

The move comes after years of fans calling for a winning car to be disqualified if their car fails post race inspection and seemingly will now force the sport to make a very difficult decision. Unfortunately for NASCAR, any move they make will be heavily criticized by fans.

Of course every decision now is a tough decision when you have to worry about more fans leaving the sport in droves, but eliminating burnouts might just be a step too far. It could also be seen as another way to suck the fun and excitement out of race, which is becoming a huge problem on its own.

With that being said however, NASCAR fans shouldn’t be too worried about the move. In fact, between with post race celebrations taking place outside of the car more and more often, a burn out might become a thing of the past and replaced with something more interesting.

Think about it! Tony Stewart climbed the fence when he won, Carl Edwards did a back flip when he won. Neither of those required doing burn outs and they were still beloved by fans. If fans want more recent examples, Austin Dillon does a slide through the grass and Kyle Busch takes a bow on top of the car, which have also become fan favorites.

In the end, burnouts are a staple of NASCAR, but they aren’t necessarily the end all be all of victory celebrations. In fact, the polish victory lap and doing high fives all the way down pit road are much better examples of victory celebrations and stick out more in fans minds.

Beyond that, this will force NASCAR drivers to get creative when they win and create something new for fans to enjoy. Maybe we’ll even see more celebrations involving fans in the stands, which was extremely popular during the 2018 season. It could even spawn new traditions that are staples of the sport for years to come.

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